Posted by : Monkey SKA viernes, 22 de julio de 2016

A1     Fling It Gimme    
A2     Sonia    
A3     Solas    
A4     Dub Ina Babylon    
A5     A Prayer To Thee    
A6     Version Of Prayer    
A7     Jah Jah (Version)    
B1     Boy In Long Pants    
B2     Boy In Long Pants Part Two   
B3     Bongo Red   
B4     Bongo Version   
B5     Beautiful Locks   
B6     Sufferation Version   
C1     Roots Natty    
C2     Culture    
C3     Rearrange    
C4     Mister Baldwin    
C5     Mister Baldwin Part 2    
C6     Big Boo Boo Day    
C7     Boo Boo Day Version    
D1     Pretending 12"    
D2     Don't Fool The Young Girls    
D3     Don't Fool The Young Girls Version    
D4     Happy Man 12"

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