Ska-Jazz & Beyond Vol.4 Mixtape

 Ska Jazz & Beyond Vol4

En esta ocasión contamos con mayor presencia de grandes exponentes del ItaloSka en los 2000s Gigi De Gaspari & Jamaican liberation Orchestra ,Roy Paci & Aretuska ,The Subaudians (Ex Miembros The Bluebeaters)y por ultimo North East Ska Jazz Orchestra al lado de otras 2 grandes leyendas del ska David Hillyard & Fred Reiter (NYSJE) con este mismo alineamiento se continua el Ska intenso del lado Este de U.S.A The Slackers ,Victor Rice y los míticos de Florida Cold Spot 8 y rematando con Eastern Standard Time ,desde luego haciendo presencia desde Suiza Open Season y finalizando el Mixtape con Ska Nipones por parte de la extinta banda The Little Elephant , ademas de la ultima producción The Ska Flames, 2 instrumentales brutales, sin duda si eres seguidor del Ska de otro nivel este mixtape será amado por ti .

 Nos vemos hasta la próxima entrega.

 Track List :
The Little Elephant – Marvelous Trio to the Planets 
Jamaican Liberation Orchestra – First Class
 Eastern Standard Time – The Dragon
 Roy Paci & Aretuska – Moanin
 The Cold Spot 8 – Stand Off
 Open Season – Hot and Fire
 The Sabaudians – Enter the Dragon
 The Slackers – How About The Moon
 Victor Rice -Neighbors
 The Ska Flames – Yanigawa Blues
 North East Ska Jazz Orchestra David Hillyard & Fred Reiter - Prime Suspect
The Skatalites – Skapan


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Reggae Anthology: The Definitive Collection of Federal Records (1964-1982) Request HQ

Disc 1 Take It Easy (1964-1972)

1 The Maytals – My Daily Bread
2 Eric (Monty) Morris – The Garden
3 Keith Lyn And Ken Lazarus – I Dont Love You Anymore
4 Granville Williams Orchestra – High Life Aka Happy Brass
5 Hopeton Lewis – Sounds And Pressure
6 The Tartans – Dance All Night
7 Hopeton Lewis – Take It Easy
8 The Paragons – Talking Love
9 The Gaylettes – Silent River (Runs Deep)
10 Lyn Taitt And The Jets – Napoleon Solo
11 Bob Andy – Games People Play
12 Techniques – Any Little Bit
13 Ken Lazarus – Pum Pum Ago Kill You
14 The Music Specialists – Dynamic Pressure
15 The Gaylettes – Son Of A Preacher Man
16 Ken Lazarus – Put Yourself In My Place
17 Bob Andy – Sun Shines For Me
18 John Holt – Stagger Lee
19 Boris Gardener – Its Nice To Be With You
20 Thunderbirds – Old Beirut
21 Ernie Smith – Pitta Patta
22 The Now Generation – Alone Again Naturally

Disc 2 Play De Music (1973-1982)
1 Johnny Nash – Oh What A Feeling
2 Funky Brown – This Song Will Last Forever
3 Boris Gardener – You Make Me Feel Brand New
4 Marcia Griffiths – Dont Want To Be Lonely
5 Ken Boothe And Lloyd Charmers – Everything I Own (Extended Edit)
6 Ken Boothe And BB Seaton – (It’s The Way) Nature Planned It
7 Derrick Harriot – Look Over Your Shoulder
8 Delroy Wilson – Im Still Waiting
9 Bob Andy – Fire Burning
10 Ernie Smith – Duppy Gun Man
11 Pluto Shervington – Ramgoat Liver
12 Tinga Stewart – Play De Music
13 Pluto Shervington – Dat
14 Marcia Griffiths – Sweet Bitter Love
15 Pluto Shervington – Your Honour
16 Lord Creator – Creation Medley
17 Wayne Wade – Lady
18 Lord Laro – Irie Tempo


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Roland Alphonso - Max's Skansas City (Lost Recordings from the N.Y.C Club)

Recently unearthed 'lost recordings' from the early New York ska scene in 1980, in limited edition milky clear vinyl LP. When the NYC ska scene germinated in parallel to the UK Two-Tone movement, the Max's Kansas City club was at the heart of it. The clubs pioneering record label, run by Max's booker Peter Crowley, recorded a number of sessions in 1980, including with legendary Skatalites founder Roland Alfonso. But only two 7 singles, by San Francisco's The Offs and NYC's The Terrorists, ever got issued, prior to the label folding. Subsequently the NY ska scene exploded, with many bands achieving great success. Only now can these five studio recordings of Roland Alphonso's most well-known ska instrumentals and unissued sessions by The Terrorists and The Offs be heard. In total ten of the album's 15 tracks are issued for the very first time, and it comes with authoritative sleeve notes on the inner bag by ska writer and player 'Marco On The Bass', Mark Wasserman. Tracklist: - Roland Alphonso - Tear Up; The Terrorists - Pressure and Slide; Riis Park; Roland Alphonso - Musical Resurrection; The Terrorists - Justice; The Offs - You Fascinate Me; Roland Alphonso - Four Corners; The Terrorists - Working in a Coalmine; Treat Her Right; Roland Alphonso - Sax Skandal; The Offs - My World; The Terrorists - Fade Away; Roland Alphonso - Bridge View; The Offs - Easier Said Than Done; The Terrorists - Take It Easy (Champs Elysee).

01. Roland Alphonso, The Terrorists - Tear Up
02. The Terrorists - Pressure and Slide
03. The Terrorists - Riis Park
04. Roland Alphonso, The Terrorists - Musical Resurrection
05. The Terrorists - Justice
06. The Offs - You Fascinate Me
07. Roland Alphonso, The Terrorists - Four Corners
08. The Terrorists - Working in a Coalmine
09. The Terrorists - Treat Her Right
10. Roland Alphonso, The Terrorists - Sax Skandal
11. The Offs - My World
12. The Terrorists - Fade Away
13. Roland Alphonso, The Terrorists - Bridge View
14. The Offs - Easier Said Than Done
15. The Terrorists - Take It Easy (Champs Elysee)


Jamaica Jazz From Federal Records: Carib Roots, Jazz, Mento, Latin, Merengue & Rhumba 1960-1968

1.Ernest Ranglin & The Federal Band - Like Falling In Love 03:08
2.Cecil Lloyd & The Starline Troubadors - Profile Cha Cha 02:37
3.Lennie Hibbert Combo - I Love Paris 03:09
4.Eric Grant Orchestra - T'is Wonderful 02:26
5.George Moxey - C'est Magnifique 02:28
6.Count Owen & His Calypsonians - Go Fife Go 02:09
7.Ernest Ranglin - Angelima 04:19
8.Lennie Hibbert Combo - Estrellita 02:40
9.Cecil Lloyd & The Starline Troubadors - Rhumbina 01:59
10.Ernest Ranglin - Sly Mongoose 06:03
11.Baba Motta & Ernest Ranglin - Linstead Market 02:26
12.Bertie King - Wheel And Turn Me 02:55
13.Ernest Ranglin & Baba Motta - Come Back Liza 02:44
14.Baba Motta - Solas Market 01:53
15.Bertie King & Baba Motta - Brown Skin Gal 03:10
16.Bertie King & Ernest Ranglin - Mango Walk 02:41
17.Count Owen & His Calypsonians - Aye Aye Aye 02:16
18.Eric Grant Orchestra - Razor Merengue 02:19
19.Ernest Ranglin - Ernest's Tune 03:00
20.Audley Williams & His Orchestra - String Of Pearls 03:34
21.Winston Turner Quintet - Monday Monday 03:37


Jamaican Skarama- REUP!

Missing masterpieces of the original Jamaican Ska. Recorded at the Federal Studio between 1964 to 1965 and released on Ken Khouri's Kentone label, this is another essential reissue from the Dub Store Records camp, not to be missed! Featuring The Maytals, The Techniques, Dobby Dobson, Eddie Perkins, Sneer-Towners, Stranger & Patsy, The X-Rays, Eric Morris and more!

1.The Maytals - My Daily Food 01:37
2.The Techniques - I Love You 02:35
3.Dobby Dobson - Cry Another Cry 02:25
4.Eddie Perkins - My Darling 02:43
5.Sneer-Towners - Him Say You Say 02:18
6.Stranger & Patsy - Word Is Wind 02:42
7.X-Rays - Big Brother 02:11
8.Eddie & Patsy - Take These Chains From My Heart 02:33
9.Dobby Dobson - Tell Daddy 02:42
10.Group Singers - My Dream 02:19
11.The Maytals - One Look 02:45
12.Eric Morris - There's A Place 02:42


Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari -Grounation

An unimpeachable classic considered to be the pinnacle of Rastafarian inspired music. Master drummer Count Ossie's band, including the incomparable tenor saxophonist Cedric 'I'm' Brooks, recreate a Rasta grounation, or gathering, playing and chanting a sublime supplication, including Bible readings, in praise of Emperor Haile Selassie I. 
Tracklist : 
Bongo Man


Narration Continued

Mabrat (Passin Thru)


Four Hundred Years




Way Back Home

Ethiopian Serenade

Oh Carolina

So Long


Grounation Cont'd

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Fashion Records - Style & Fashion

Tracklist :
01 Papa Face featuring Red Man - Dance Pon De Corner
02 Dee Sharp - Let’s Dub It Up
03 Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb (DJ SS Remix)
04 General Levy - Mad Them
05 Laurel & Hardy - You’re Nicked
06 Bunny General - Played By This Ya Sound
07 General Levy & Hard ‘n’ Pure - Wikkeda!!
08 Carlton Lewis - Small Talking
09 Poison Chang - Shot Fe Bust (Marvellous Cain Remix)
10 Dee Sharp - Rising To The Top
11 Papa Face With Keith Douglas - DJ Jamboree
12 General Levy - Heat
13 Carlton Lewis - Sweet Soul Rocking
14 Top Cat - Ruffest Gun Ark (DJ Rap Mix)
15 Papa San - DJ Business
16 Papa Face & Bionic Rhona - To The Bump
17 Cutty Ranks - As You See It
18 Janice Walker - You’ll Never Need Somebody
19 Asher Senator - Bubble With I

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Jackpot - Rare Dubs from Jackpots Records 1974-1976

1. Straight To Channel 1's Head
2. Straight To Jackson's Head
3. Watch This Version
4. Just A Version
5. Behold This Version
6. The Knock Out Punch Version
7. Straight To Edwards Head
8. Lifetime Dub
9. Come Softly Dub Version
10. Blessed Dub
11. So Much Version
12. So Much Version
13. Going Version
14. The Poor Barber


The Tennors -Moods - Reggae Hits

In the early sixties a vocal group was formed by George ” Clive” Murphy and the late Maurice “Prof.” Johnson. Called “The Tennor Twins” at first, both singers performed together at numerous venues on many occasions. “The Tennors” was born when the duo was later joined by Norman Davis, at which time “Prof.” Johnson became the lead vocalist. It was at the legendary Studio One, owned by “Sir” Coxone Dodd, that these first recordings were done and released under the “Downbeat” label. Their song “PRESSURE AND SLIDE” was their first recording and became the biggest hit in Jamaica for the year 1967.
With the unfortunate death of “Prof.”, ” Clive” Murphy took over as lead vocalist when Milton Wilson joined the group. This version of The Tennors went on to make some of the most memorable hits. “Ride Yu Donkey,” “Copy Mi Donkey,” “Scrub Mi Khaki” and “Cleopatra” were among the favorites.
There was yet to be another change. An exciting newcomer, Ronnie Davis joined the group as lead singer. With a freshness of spirit the group forged ahead relentlessly with such smash hits as “The Stage’, “Another Scorcher” and ‘Weather Report”. This vocal group became one of the most outstanding in Jamaica, and their consistency earned them the title of best performers in the Jamaica Festival of 1973 when they performed the song “Hopeful Village”, later to be released on the now famous Duke Reid’s “Treasure Isle Label”. The Tennors also found their international niche when many of their recordings became favorites around the world.
It was the infancy of musical recordings in the lush green paradise known as Jamaica, and the local producers of that era learnt a lot from their American counterparts. Artistes were paid little or nothing for their recordings; this was a musical sweatshop. And the testing grounds for the musical genius of a nation, was the ignorance of a music loving people.
True to form, the biblical saying “a prophet is least recognized in his own country” became the hallmark of the music industry of Jamaica, but with few exceptions.Thus it was that artistes of the calibre of “The Paragons”, “the Techniques”, “The Tennors”, “The Clarendonians”, Blues Busters, Jimmy Cliff, Wilfred Jackie Edwards, Derrick Morgan became more recognized abroad than in their own country, as they continued to churn out hit after hit. The Tennors, and many other artistes, have never received the recognition they truly deserve for their musical contributions and pioneering spirit. But they are, undoubtably, among Jamaica’s unheralded famous that birthed the music industry.
The Tennors disbanded in the mid-seventies, but the founder and original member Clive (Murphy) “Tennors”, who also produced and co-produced most of their recordings, carefully used state of the art DAT technology to restore their songs from the original master recordings.
After a 35-year break, The Tennors re-united in 2012 with a new member, Henry ‘Sadiki’ Buckley Jr., and two of the original group members, Clive Murphy and Ronnie Davis. That same year, in celebration of Jamaica’s 50th year of Independence, The Tennors released the single “Jamaica 50” and began their United States Tour in Los Angeles, California.
On January 26, 2017, Ronnie David passed away. The Tennors continue to tour and perform at notable international music festivals, such as Reggae Jam Festival in Germany and Skabour in the United Kingdom.
Tracklist : 
Ride Yu Donkey
Weather Report
Another Scorcher
Baby Come Home
Want Everything
Good News
World Is A Stage
Give Me Bread
We Got Soul
Pressure And Slide
Copy Mi Donkey
Run Come
Hopeful Village
Gee Whiz
Play A Fool
True Brothers

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Rock A Shaka ·20 - Sugar & Spice - REQUEST ...

01 Soulful Music - The Invaders. 
02 Sugar & Spice - The Viceroys.   
03 Mojo Girl - Nora Dean. 
04 Happy Organ - Soul Vendors. 
05 Put It On - Jackie Mittoo. 
06 Rave All Night - The Termites. 
07 You're Gonna Lose - The Octaves. 
08 Mama Didn't Know - The Termites. 
09 I Make A Woman - Kingstonians. 
10 Mother Miserable - Kingstonians. 
11 Get A Lick - Bumps Oakley. 
12 Reel Up - The Wrigglers. 
13 Try A Little Tenderness - Joe White. 
14 Sure Shots - Jackie Mittoo. 
Hidden Track 
15 Take Ten - Jackie Mittoo. -''Get A Lick'' 

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Do The Reggae Skinhead Reggae In The Spirit of 69

In 1969, after not so quietly developing in the Britain’s inner-cities over the months that had followed the demise of the once all-prevailing mod scene, the working-class youth subculture that became known as ‘skinhead’ exploded into mainstream British consciousness.
The popularity of the new brash style not only shook the country’s establishment to the core, it also helped propel the exciting new sound from Jamaica into the national pop charts: Reggae. Providing the ideal antidote to the perceived pretentiousness of prog rock, its throbbing, faced-paced style pulled no punches, with its simplistic and rhythms in stark contrast to the elaborate music widely favoured by many of the skinhead’s more affluent peers.
By 1969, the skinhead look and the sound of reggae had become synonymous and to mark the 50th anniversary of the year when both broke internationally, Trojan proudly presents this superb 2CD set comprising 58 classic skinhead favourites, all of which were originally released by British-based record companies half a century ago.
Stylishly complimenting the two previously issued ’Monkey Business’ compilations, ‘Dance The Reggae’ forms part of the ‘Spirit of 69’ anniversary celebrations, due to take place in the UK and Europe throughout 2019.

  1. Do the Reggae - The Tennors
  2. Mr D.J. - The Conquerors
  3. Where Were You - The Techniques
Soul Special - King Cannon
  1. Baby Baby - Val Bennett
  2. Love Love Everyday - Errol Dunkley & The Pioneers
  3. 5 to 5 - Lloyd Charmers & The Hippy Boys
  4. Ease Up - The Bleechers
  5. The Warrior - Johnny Osbourne
  6. Bigger Boss - Count Sticky & Ansell Collins & The J.J. Johnson All Stars
  7. The Storm - The Emotions
  8. Woman Capture Man - The Ethiopians
  9. You Had Your Chance - The Gaylads
  10. A Taste of Killing - The Upsetters
  11. Private Number - Ernest Wilson
  12. Shu Be Du - Clancy Eccles
  13. Mannix (B’wa Nina) - The Rhythm Rulers
  14. Sentimental Reason - The Maytones
  15. Hold the Pussy - Kid Gungo
  16. Decimal Currency - The Blenders
  17. Baff Boom - The Tennors
  18. Derrick Pop-The-Top - Derrick Morgan
  19. Bombshell - Bobby Ellis & The Crystalites
  20. Who You Gonna Run To - The Shades
  21. Dolly House On Fire - The Reggae Boys
  22. The Saint - Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
  23. A Heavy Load - Rudy Mills
  24. Run Girl Run - G.G. Grossett
  25. Dulcemania - Drumbago & The Dynamites
  26. Reggae Buddy - The Victors
  27. Since You've Been Gone - Eric Frater
  28. The Ugly One (aka Lee Van Cleef) - King Stitt & The Dynamites
  29. Return of the Ugly - The Upsetters
  30. Me No Born Ya - The Reggae Boys
  31. Got to Come Back - Delano Stewart
  32. Granfather's Clock - Winston Wright & Rupie Edwards All Stars
  33. Everybody Bawling - The Melodians
  34. You're My Everything - The Techniques
  35. Reflections of Don D - Johnny Moore & The Supersonics
  36. The Moon Is Playing Tricks On Me - Trevor Shield
  37. Soul Pipe - Karl 'King Cannon' Bryan
  38. Rum Bay - The Emotions
  39. Biafra - The Crystalites
  40. Bend the Tree - Amiel Moodie & The Dandemites
  41. The Girl I Love - The Visions
  42. Jay Fever - Karl Bryan & The Jay Boys
  43. Mother Hen - The Harmonisers
  44. Diana - Alton Ellis
  45. Man Pon Moon - Derrick Morgan
  46. Son of Reggae - Sylvan Williams
  47. Reggae Dance - Owen Gray
  48. Gimme Back - Derrick Morgan
  49. Happy Time - Herbie Carter
  50. Drop Pon - The Crystalites
  51. Well Red - The Ethiopians
  52. Better Herring - The Pioneers
  53. Doctor No Go - The Hippy Boys
  54. It's Alright - Ken Parker

Black Man's Pride Vol 2

  1.  This is the second installment of deep roots Rastafarian reggae at Studio One and features classic music from some of the most important figures in reggae music Alton Ellis, The Heptones, Jackie Mittoo, The Gladiators alongside a host of rarities and little-known recordings, such as a truly rare Mystic Revelation of Rastafari seven-inch single, Willie Williams first ever recording Callingand Horace Andys righteous (and equally rare) masterpiece Illiteracy. Black Mans Pride 2 extends the legacy of Studio Ones ground-breaking path in roots reggae which began at the end of the 1960s and continued throughout the 1970s. The album tells the story of how the rise of Studio One Records and the Rastafari movement were interconnected, through the adoption of the Rastafari faith by key reggae artists everyone from the Skatalites and Wailers in the 1960s, major singers such as Alton Ellis and Horace Andy at the end of the decade, through to major roots artists such as The Gladiators in the 1970s and how Clement Dodd consistently recorded this heavyweight roots music throughout Studio Ones history. The sleeve-notes to this album also discuss the links between Rastafari and Studio One in time and place, noting how both the religion and Clement Dodds musical empire had their roots in the intense period of pre-independence Jamaica in Kingston, expanded in the 1960s following the visit of Haile Selassie in 1966, and how roots music then came to dominate reggae music in the early 1970s. Also discussed is how the outsider stance of both reggae music and the Rastafari movement relate back many hundreds of years to the original rebel stance of the Maroons, escaped slaves who set up self-sufficient enclaves in the hills of the Jamaican countryside.

    01.Horace Andy - Illiteracy
    02. The Heptones - Be a Man
    03. The Manchesters - Natty Gone
    04. The Gladiators - Down Town Rebel
    05. Willie Williams - Calling
    06. Roland Alphonso & Brentford All Stars - Sir D Special
    07. Keith Wilson - God I God I Say
    08. Alton Ellis - Almost Anything
    09. Bobby Kalphat & The New Establishment - Adis a Wa Wa
    10. Peter Broggs - Sing a New Song
    11. Mystic Revelations Of Rastafari - Let Freedom Reign
    12. Larry & Alvin - Free I Lord
    13. Ernest Wilson & The Sound Dimension - Freedom Fighter
    14. Jackie Mittoo - Happy People
    15. Prince Lincoln - Daughters of Zion
    16. High Charles - Zion
    17. Winston Jarrett - Love Jah Jah

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The Titanians & Payoh Soulrebel - New Single

Después de un largo camino y mucha ilusión, por fin tenemos el gusto de presentaros esto que estáis sujetando con vuestras manos: nuestro primer vinilo. 

Compuesto por dos riddims producidos conjuntamente entre Sustraian Records & The Titanians, fábrica de música jamaicana e impulsores de este proyecto, busca revivir la esencia del más puro sonido orgánico y analógico en este mundo cada vez más digitalizado. The Titanians, banda de Roots de la ciudad, se encarga de materializar y aportar ideas para llegar a transmitirlas a todos aquellos oídos, como nosotros, inquietos.

Lo que empezó como un proyecto de dub orgánico en primavera del 2016, tornó completamente cuando ese mismo verano
 tuvimos la suerte de ver a Payoh Soul Rebel en directo. Teníamos esos temas en la mano y vimos a la persona que creímos iba a encajar a la perfección con ellos. De esta manera contactamos con él, quien el poco tiempo, nos trajo de vuelta lo que ahora podéis escuchar, dos tracks de Roots - Reggae con letras conscientes, que reflejan el modo en el que nosotros sentimos este género. Llegan bajo el brazo del sello Black Basajaun, siendo su tercera referencia. Este sello comprende todo tipo trabajos de raíces en la música negra y pretende dar cabida a aquellos proyectos alternativos surgidos en nuestra ciudad, Pamplona – Iruñea.

Aprovechamos en nombre de la familia de Sustraian Records y The Titanians para agradecer a Payoh SoulRebel su predisposición y buen hacer. También a ti por compartir este sonido, esperamos que lo disfrutes tanto como nosotros y que el amor por esta cultura y sus valores siga creciendo.



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Label: Impact! – Onlyroots Records – ORLP11 - N°181
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered
Country: France
Released: 2018
Genre: Reggae
Style: Roots Reggae


A1    –Maxy Smith*    2000 Years Ago   
A2    –Roots & Wailers Band*    Evil That You Do   
A3    –Dennis Brown    Foot Of The Moutain   
A4    –Rocking Horse*    Hard Time   
A5    –Carl Malcolm    Judgement Come   
A6    –The Vibrators*    Rise & Shine
B1    –Senya    Roots Man   
B2    –Leonard Dillon    Them A Wicked   
B3    –Lloyd Parks    We'll Get Over It   
B4    –Upright Foundation    Wolf In Sheep Clothing   
B5    –Ras Dawkins & The Wailers*    Tell Me Why   
B6    –Birdy Brown    Upfull Dread Locks   

Compiled By – Clive Chin

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STUDIO ONE SUPREME - MAXIMUM 70S & 80S Early Dancehall Sounds

01. Keep That Light - Johnny Osbourne & The Prophets
02. Natty Ten To One - Dillinger
03. Natty Dread On The Go - Lone Ranger
04. Minstral - Prince Jazzbo
05. Jah Promise - Johnny Osbourne
06. Wine Of Violence - Freddie McGregor
07. Compliment To Studio One - Papa Michigan and General Smilie
08. Easy - Willie Williams
09. Quarter Pound Of Ishen - Lone Ranger
10. A Fool - Alton Ellis
11. In Cold Blood - Jackie Mittoo & Brentford All Stars
12. Chanting - Jim Nastic
13. Bushmaster - Brentford Rockers
14. Happy Man - The Gladiators & Brentford Disco Set
15. Still Dubbing - Dub Specialist
16. Jah A Love You - Sugar Minott
17. Show and Tell - Horace Andy
18. Rastaman Camp - Freddie McGregor

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Sound Dimension - Mojo Rocksteady Beat

Sound Dimension have recorded some of the most important songs in reggae music; songs such as 'Real Rock,' 'Drum Song,' 'Heavy Rock,' 'Rockfort Rock,' 'In Cold Blood' -- all classic songs that have become the 'foundation' of reggae music, endlessly versioned and re-versioned by Jamaican artists since the time they were first recorded to the present day.
 As the in-house band at Studio One in the late 1960s, Sound Dimension played alongside everyone from The Heptones, Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe, Marcia Griffiths and more.
Similar to their U.S. counterparts, The Funk Brothers at Motown and Booker T. and The MGs at Stax, Sound Dimension recorded on a daily basis incredibly catchy and funky tunes and matched by a seamless musicality.
 Featuring musicians of the calibre of Ernest Ranglin, Jackie Mittoo, Eric Frater, Leroy Sibbles, Don Drummond Jr., Deadley Headley and more; Sound Dimension existed from around 1967-70 and all the recordings featured here were originally released during this period.
"A juicy compilation that does justice to the forgotten of the history of reggae." LES INROCKS
"Since copyright laws were virtually non-existent in Jamaica for most of the 20th century, it is common to hear innumerable mutations of any given riddim track. Discerning the creators of each song can be a daunting task. From 1967 to ’70, however, the Sound Dimension was the house band at Studio One, creating memorable cuts for the lyrical pantheon of Jamaica to sing and toast over. This 18-song collection of instrumentals shows how pivotal these men were in the sonic architecture of reggae." XLR8R
"Legendary Studio One band Sound Dimension find themselves on the receiving end of another celebrative retrospective courtesy of the ever-reliable Soul Jazz, bringing together classic recordings of 'Mojo Rocksteady', 'Real Rock', 'Heavy Rock'Rockfort Rock', 'Jamaica Underground' and more. The breadth of this band's influence can be heard throughout the annals of reggae, with these timelessly funky cuts revisited and re-versioned by anyone and everyone since being committed to tape in the '60s. Another great document from Soul Jazz" BOOMKAT


    A1:Less Problem
    A2:Rockfort Rock
    A4:Ten To Ten
    A5:Jamaica Underground
    B1:Real Rock
    B2:Reggae Time
    B3:Jackie Mittoo & Sound Dimension - In Cold Blood
    B4:Heavy Rock
    C1:Great Mu Ga Ru Ga
    C2:Park View
    C3:Jackie Mittoo & Sound Dimension - Ironside
    C4:Mojo Rocksteady
    D1:Drum Song
    D3:Ernest Ranglin & Sound Dimension - Straight Flush
    D4:Jamaica Bag

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Sound Dimension - Jamaica Soul Shake vol .1

After The Skatalites, The Sound Dimension were perhaps the most important instrumental group in the history of reggae music. That they remain relatively unknown is explained by the fact that they mostly functioned as the in-house studio group at Studio One Records performing anonymously behind the stars of the day, the reggae equivalent of Motown’s Funk Brothers.
During this period the group played on hundreds of hits with Jamaica’s finest vocalists - Alton Ellis, John Holt, Larry Marshall, Cornell Campbell, Dennis Brown, Horace Andy, The Heptones, Bob Andy, Marcia Griffiths, Freddie McGregor and hundreds more.

Twenty years after the group split-up, their countless classic instrumental tracks recorded at Studio One became the foundation rhythms of the new dancehall music of the 1990s and beyond, countlessly replayed in new forms by artists and producers such as Joe Gibbs, Sly & Robbie, Steely & Clevie etc.

Featured here is the first ever collection of these original 1960s rhythms in this first ever collection of the music of The Sound Dimension - a mixture of classic tracks alongside super-rare singles only ever released in Jamaica.

The group’s fluid line-up included Jackie Mittoo, Leroy Sibbles, Cedric Brooks, Vin Gordon, Ernest Ranglin, Leroy Horsemouth Wallace and other legendary reggae giants. The group’s unique sound defined reggae music in its relatively short-lived career.

“ A funky disc, full of great, skanking rhythms and fine playing by some of Jamaica's most revered musicians. It’s difficult to believe that this is the first compilation devoted solely to the Sound Dimension, the group who reshaped the signature Jamaican afterbeat of ska and rocksteady into the sturdy, versatile riddims of reggae, and the instrumentals they created are still being used as the basis of scores of songs to this day.” PITCHFORK

" The Sound Dimension was simply one of the great rhythm sections of all time, playing with the same paradoxical tightness and tensile give-and-take to be found in the recordings of legendary groove brethren like Booker T and The MGs. It bears repeating that the Soul Jazz collections have set a high standard for audio quality, and Jamaica Soul Shake Vol. 1 is no exception to that. Indeed, those responsible for re-mastering these tracks seem to have found (and released) most of the punch, rumble, and majesty still held within aging original magnetic oxides and vinyl grooves." DUSTED

 Tracklist :
1 Heavy Beat     2:56
2 Federated Backdrop     3:05
3 Baby Face     2:52
4 Rathid     2:41
5 Bitter Blood     3:10
6 Love Land     2:50
7 Full Up     2:53
8 Upsetters Dream     3:47
9 Soul Shake     2:22
10 The Thing     2:18
11 My Heart In Rhythm     2:32
12 Man Pon Spot     2:57
13 Holy Moses     1:53
14 Doctor Sappa Too     2:49
15 Hail Don D     2:47
16 Solas     2:46


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Hora Rudy Radio Show - episodio #4

The Tennors – Give Me Bread
The Tennors – Traitor
The Tennors – Preasure & Slide
Roy Ellis – You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine
Roy Ellis – Cool Down Your Temper
Roy Ellis – Ska Almighty
David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7 – Kingstown Town
David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7 -Burrulero Latino
The Prizefighters – Just Let the Music Play
The Prizefighters- Stop them
Mr PC Ska Jazz – Sunny (en VIVO) 


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Independence Calypso Jump Up

Track List: 
1 –Count Lasher     Jump Independently    
2 –Count Lasher     The Weed    
3 –Count Alert     Old Man's Drive    
4 –Count Lasher     Hooligans    
5 –Lynn Taitt With Baba Brooks Band*     Dog War Jump Up    
6 –Count Lasher And Williams*     Bam Bam    
7 –Count Lasher And Williams*     Mufridite    
8 –Count Alert     In The Park    
9 –Count Alert     Hard Time    
10 –Lynn Taitt With Baba Brooks Band*     Seven Guns Alive    
11 –The Baba Brooks Band     Snow Come    
12 –The Baba Brooks Band     Duck Soup    
13 –Baba Brooks Orchestra*     Froggy    
14 –The Baba Brooks Band     Independence Ska
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Soul Of Jamaica / Here Comes The Duke: Expanded Edition

Two of the most collectable Trojan LPs ever issued

50th anniversary of both albums

Features numerous tracks new to CD

When Trojan Records was launched in the summer of 1968, the productions of Arthur ‘Duke’ Reid’s Treasure Isle Records dominated Jamaica’s musical landscape, spurring the newly formed London-based company to hastily secure exclusive UK rights to this esteemed catalogue.

There followed a series of popular singles and two superb albums that provide the bulk of this 2CD set. Showcasing the talents of some of the giants of the rock steady era, the recordings, all issued during the latter half of ’68, demonstrate just why the Duke is widely regarded as the king of the rock steady sound.

With many of these tracks unavailable for decades, this 52 track collection provides essential listening for fans of Duke Reid’s distinctive Treasure Isle rock steady sound, which remains just as appealing today as it was when first created some 50 years ago!

2. MY WILLOW TREE – Alton Ellis
3. HEATWAVE – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
4. OUT DE LIGHT – Joya Landis
5. MY BEST GIRL – The Paragons
6. THE WORLD NEEDS LOVE – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
7. I CAN’T STAND IT – Alton Ellis
8. LONG TIME – Phyllis Dillon
9. RIDE ME DONKEY – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
10. LOVE LETTERS – Alton Ellis & Phyllis Dillon
11. WOMAN GO HOME – The Jamaicans
12. FLYING HOME – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics

13. TRAVELLING MAN – The Techniques
14. GOOD THINGS – The Soul Tops
15. WONDERFUL WORLD – Lloyd Williams
16. IT’S YOU I LOVE – The Techniques
17. OUR MAN FLINT – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
18. PEACE AND LOVE – The Jamaicans
19. OLD MAN RIVER – The Silvertones
20. I WEAR HIS RING – Phyllis Dillon
21. DEVOTED TO YOU – The Sensations
22. KEEP ON MOVING – The Soul Tops
23. MAD, MAD, MAD – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
24. DON’T SAY NO – The Silvertones
25. I CAN’T STOP NOW – Alton Ellis
26. BLESS YOU – The Sensations

1. TRUE TRUE TRUE – Ken Parker
2. RUN COME CELEBRATE – The Techniques
3. SWEET SOUL MUSIC – The Gladiators
4. KANSAS CITY – Joya Landis
5. LOVE UP, KISS UP – The Termites
6. FUNNY – The Soul Lads
7. REGAY – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
8. SECOND FIDDLE – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
9. MARY POPPINS – Danny Simpson
10. SOUL REMEDY – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
11. I’M IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE – The Techniques
12. I’M YOURS FOREVER – The Soul Lads
13. TONIGHT – John Holt
14. GET ME TO THE CHURCH ON TIME – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
15. I’LL BE LONELY – John & Joya
16. SOUL FOR SALE – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
17. BREAKING UP – Alton Ellis & The Flames
18. LOVE IS ALL I HAD – Phyllis Dillon
19. MAYBE SOMEDAY – The Paragons
20. ODE TO BILLY JOE – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
21. MOONLIGHT LOVER – Joya Landis
22. I WISH IT WOULD RAIN – The Techniques
23. I’LL NEVER FALL IN LOVE – The Sensations
24. BOYS AND GIRLS REGGAE – Phyllis Dillon & Hopeton Lewis
25. THERE COMES A TIME – The Techniques 26. THOSE GUYS – The Sensations
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Dave Barker Meets The Upsetters ‎– Prisoner Of Love (Trojan Cd 2006 )

Best known in the UK for his toasting talents as half of the chart-topping duo, Dave & Ansel Collins, Dave Barker is in fact one of the most accomplished singers Jamaica has ever produced. After making his recording debut in 1968, partnering Glen Brown on a series of local hits, Dave launched his solo career under the auspices of the Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.
Their subsequent collaborations spawned a number of best-selling singles, culminating in the singer’s debut LP, Prisoner Of Love. Released by Trojan Records in 1970, the album marked Barker’s arrival as one of its most promising and versatile talents on the reggae scene.

Track list;
 1 Shocks Of Mighty
2 Build My Whole World Around You   
3 My Cup   
4 Love Me Baby   
5 Set Me Free   
6 Blowing In The Wind   
7 Prisoner Of Love   
8 I Was Wrong   
9 One Little Lie   
10 Skanky Children   
11 Never Before
12 The Same Game   
13 Runaway Child   
    Bonus Tracks
14 Spinning Wheel
15 Granny Show   
16 Some Sympathy   
17 Sound Underground
18 Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying   
19 Upsetting Station (AKA Conquerer Version 3)   
20 Tight Spot   
21 Shocks '71
22 Groove Me   
23 What A Confusion   
24 Wonderman (AKA Jah Rastafari
25 Sunshine Rock   
26 The Same Game (Version)

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Lee Perry & Friends - A live Injection by Request

1-1 –Lee 'Scratch' Perry*     People Funny Boy    
1-2 –The Untouchables*     Tighten Up    
1-3 –The Upsetters     Return Of Django    
1-4 –The Upsetters     Dollar In The Teeth    
1-5 –The Bleechers     Come Into My Parlour    
1-6 –The Upsetters     A Live Injection    
1-7 –Dave Barker (2)     Shocks Of Mighty    
1-8 –Bob Marley & The Wailers     Duppy Conqueror    
1-9 –Junior Byles     Place Called Africa    
1-10 –Dennis Alcapone     Africa Stand    
1-11 –Little Roy     Don't Cross The Nation    
1-12 –Bob Marley & The Wailers     Small Axe    
1-13 –The Hurricanes (2)     Walking The Streets    
1-14 –The Bleechers     Jump And Rale    
1-15 –Carlton & The Shoes*     Better Days    
1-16 –Busty Brown     My Girl    
1-17 –Junior Byles     Beat Down Babylon    
1-18 –Lee 'Scratch' Perry* & The Upsetters     French Connection    
1-19 –The Melodians     Round And Round    
1-20 –Hortense Ellis     Just One Look    
1-21 –I.Roy*     Space Flight    
1-22 –Neville Grant     Sick And Tired    
1-23 –Lee 'Scratch' Perry* & The Upsetters     Bucky Skank    
1-24–The Gatherers     Words Of My Mouth    
2-1 –Leo Graham (2)     Black Candle    
2-2 –Bob Marley     Keep On Skanking    
2-3 –Delroy Denton     Give Thanks    
2-4 –Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace*     Herb Vendor    
2-5 –Judge Winchester (Winston Blake)*     Public Jestering    
2-6 –Susan Cadogan     Hurt So Good    
2-7 –The Mighty Diamonds     Talk About It    
2-8 –Junior Byles     Curly Locks    
2-9 –The Upsetters     Enter The Dragon    
2-10 –Jimmy Riley     Woman's Gotta Have It    
2-11 –Bunny & Ricky     Bush Weed Corntrash    
2-12 –Lee 'Scratch' Perry* & The Upsetters     Bush Weed    
2-13 –Bunny 'Rugs' Clarke*     To Love Somebody    
2-14 –Brent Dowe     Down Here In Babylon    
2-15 –Lee 'Scratch' Perry*     White Belly Rat    
2-16 –Junior Delgado     Sons Of Slaves    
2-17 –Watty Burnett     Rainy Night In Portland    
2-18 –Leo Graham (2)     My Little Sandra    
2-19 –Junior Murvin     Cross Over    
2-20 –Leroy Sibbles     Garden Of Life 

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Trojan Fan Club - Reggae with The Hippy Boys - Request !!

Originally Issued by Trojan on their High Note Subsidiary in 1969, Reggae with the Hippy Boys Caught the Flavour of Skinhead Reggae at a Time When the Style was at Its Zenith. The Original LP, which Featured Ten Hard Hitting, Up-tempo Instrumentals Produced by Jamaica’s Leading Female Record Label Owner, Sonia Pottinger, Has Long Since Considered a Highly Prized Collector’s Item, Exchanging Hands for Three Figure Sums. Now, it is Finally Made Available Once More, Albeit in Very Limited Numbers for the Newly Launched Trojan Fan Club, with the Original 10 Tracks Augmented by 15 Bonus Tracks of Equal Rarity and Worth. 

1 –The Hippy Boys Nurse J'Kel   
2 –The Hippy Boys This Is It   
3 –The Hippy Boys Mad Movie   
4 –The Hippy Boys Capo   
5 –The Hippy Boys Foot Work   
6 –The Hippy Boys Seven Heaven   
7 –The Hippy Boys Moon Walk   
8 –The Hippy Boys Challenge   
9 –The Hippy Boys Spicy   
10 –The Hippy Boys Wondering   
11 –The Hippy Boys Cat Nip   
12 –Lloyd Charmers Soul At Large   
13 –Lloyd Charmers Soul Of England   
14 –The Upsetters What Do You Say   
15 –The Upsetters Straight To The Head   
16 –Lloyd Charmers African Zulu   
17 –Lloyd Charmers Confidential   
18 –The Upsetters Oney (Happy Clap)   
19 –Lloyd Charmers Everybody Needs Love   
20 –Lloyd Charmers Stronger   
21 –The Upsetters Mellow Mood   
22 –The Upsetters Family Man   
23 –Lloyd Charmers Shang I   
24 –Lloyd Charmers Cooyah   
25 –The Upsetters Capo (Version 2)
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Hora Rudy #2 - Lo de Hoy del 2tone & Revival

Con gusto presento el episodio 2 con una mini mix de lo mas sonado y destacado actualmente entre el 2tone ,revival con unos dotes de ska punk este episodio esta lleno de adrenalina pura ,ademas un pequeño tributo a Statuto que cumple 36 años de actividad , disfrutarlo desde vía streaming en Soundclound también esta disponible en descarga directa . 

Mini Mixtape 2019 
01- Roddy 'Radiation' Byers and the Skabilly Rebels - Hey Little Rich Girl 
02-Neville Staple – Rebel Down 
03-The Interrupters – Fight to good Fight 
04- The Mighty Mighty Bostones – Closer to Nowhere 
05-Those Fine Strangers – Fight fight fight
06- Cartoon Violence – Careful 
07- The Skapones – Ago go (TINKERMAN MIX)
08-Napoleon Solo – Nobody Told Me 
09 – The Serial Killer – March Slob 
10- Strange Tenants – Millitant Style 
11-Blanco y Negro – If I Stay 

Tributo a Statuto de sus 36 años de actividad 

12-Statuto – Moskowska 
13-Statuto – Zighida (live)
14-Statuto – Vacanze (live) 

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