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 Next year with new dynamics and freshness Free Ska Foundation PODCAST will be premiering
With new episodes,for a year of inactive,has been enough to collect valuable information for the genres Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, dub,hopefully will have a very favorable response in addition we be eliminate the advertising on the links,that also requested will soon be back with other releases, thank you very much for your preference. Atte. Free Ska Foundation

Mis estimados amantes de la buena música jamaicana es un gusto  anunciarles.

 El próximo año con nueva dinámica y frescura  Free Ska Foundation PODCAST  estará estrenándose
Con nuevos episodios, a lo largo de año inactiva ha sido suficiente para recaudar información valiosa para los géneros Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, dub, esperemos una respuesta muy favorable además de estar eliminado la publicidad de los enlaces que tanto nos habían pedido pero sin descartar con nuestras ferias de discos que próximamente ya estarán de regreso con otros estrenos mas, agradecemos mucho su preferencia. Atte. Free Ska Foundation

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Hora del Rudeboy - Temporada 17 # 5 -Ska Flames-The Cabrians-The Steadys45s &MORE

A unas cuentas semanas de cerrar el año, nueva entrega para degustar el buen gusto musical de todos ustedes te brindamos en esta ocasión cuatro bandas muy destacadas y previo a lo mejor del año en el ámbito del Ska Rocksteady & Reggae – Con trayectoria 30 años en la Escena musical The Ska Flames desde España El gran regreso sorpresivo The Cabrians además debutando con grandiosos títulos, The Steadys 45s Buddy Jays Jamaican Jazz Orchestra, esto y mucho más noticias en la hora del Rudy
Lyn Taitt& The Jets -Batman (ensayo)
Roy Ellis Mr.Wang
Prince Buster -Move Over
The Steadys 45s – Rush Hour
The Steadys 45s – Sleep Walk
The Steadys 45s – So Long
The Cabrians – Hard Life,Hard Drugs
The Cabrians – Drummond’s Knife
The Cabrians – Seek A Pum Pum
The Skaflames -My Little Suede Shoes
The Skaflames -Intoumaya
The Skaflames -Yanigawa Blues
Hepcat- The Fool
Hepcat – Tommy’s Song
Buddys Jay’s Jamaican Jazz Band -Starfish
Buddys Jay’s Jamaican Jazz Band -Cherry S

Descargalo Mediafire 

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Ska Addicted Mixxxtape Vol 2 - Ska Revival & More

Que regresen los viejos tiempos  Mixtape por fin esta liberado
Ska Addicted Vol. 2
Regresamos de nueva cuenta  en los tiempos 80s y 90s seleccionando en esta ocasión algunos sencillos y demos de bandas que se encuentran ya olvidadas  o en mejor de los casos pioneras en el género.
 Mixtape está lleno de SKA Revival y deslices de punk pero sin duda muy prendido para escucharse en volumen Alto.
Versión descargable contiene lado A 25min y Lado B 30 min
Media fire 

Version Podcast 55min

Track List 

The Kingpins - Spy vs Spy
Skaos - Spy
The Butlers - Berlin Moscow
Skarface -La Poisse
Ganster Fun - Date with Density
Millo Torres y el Tercer Planeta - Haciendo Tiempo
Skatala - El Capita Swing
The Malarians - Sexy Eyes

Lado B

El Bosso & Die Ping Pongs - Immer Nur Ska
T-Shirts - Walk on Water
Les Frelons - C'est Du Ska
Graduate - Elvis Should Play Ska
Lets Go Bowling - Cumbia del Sol
secuaces sKA - Alistate
The Bluebeat - Sunshine Ska
The Ska Boys - Let's Dance Again
The Scofflaws - Rudy's Back
SUBLIME - Date Rape
Ska FLAMES - Road Block 


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Merritone Rock Steady 2: This Music Got Soul 1966​-​1967

American rhythm & blues fervour, boosted by a multitude of sound systems playing 78rpm records on increasingly larger sets, gripped Jamaica from the late forties onwards but, towards the end of the decade, the American audience began to move towards a somewhat softer sound. The driving rhythm & blues discs became increasingly hard to find and the more progressive Jamaican sound system operators, realising that they now needed to make their own music, turned to Kingston’s jazz and big band musicians to record one off custom cut discs. These were not initially intended for commercial release but designed solely for sound system play on acetate or ‘dub plates’ as they would later be termed. These ‘specials’ soon began to eclipse the popularity of American rhythm & blues and the demand for their locally produced music proved so great that the sound system operators began to release their music commercially on vinyl and became record producers. Clement ‘Coxsone’ Dodd, Duke Reid ‘The Trojan’ and Prince Buster, who operated his Voice Of The People Sound System, were among the first to establish themselves in this new role and the nascent Jamaican recording industry now went into overdrive.

In 1954 Ken Khouri had numbered among the first far sighted entrepreneurs to produce mento records with local musicians (mento is Jamaica’s original indigenous music) before progressing to opening Jamaica’s first record manufacturing plant. Three years later he moved his operation to Foreshore Road (later renamed Marcus Garvey Drive) where, with the assistance of the inestimable Graeme Goodall, he updated and upgraded his recording studio. The importance of this enterprising move was critical to the development of Jamaican music and its influence both profound and far reaching.

“It was Ken Khouri’s Federal Recording Studio, the womb that gave birth to the talented writers, artists and musicians that gave Jamaica its musical identity.” Prince Buster

Federal Records was not only the place for the sound system men to record their music but it was also where they had their records manufactured and, consequently, the company enjoyed a near total monopoly on recording and record pressing in Kingston. In 1963 Ken Khouri sold his one track board to Clement ‘Coxsone’ Dodd, who established Studio One, and Ken imported the first stereo equipment to Jamaica and Federal began making stereo records. The following year WIRL (West Indies Records Limited) opened but the competition served to drive the company on to higher heights. Ken Khouri continued to work on his own productions and, in 1966, the seven inch release of Hopeton Lewis’ ‘Take It Easy’, recorded under the guidance of Trinidadian guitarist Lynn Taitt, ushered in the rock steady era.

These two essential albums showcase a stunning selection of well known hits, and not so well known rarities, from the vast Federal catalogue. All tracks have been transferred direct from the master tapes and assembled with the invaluable assistance of Ken Khouri’s son, Paul Khouri, who generously gave Dub Store unlimited access to the Federal tape vaults. The extensive liner notes feature extracts from extensive interviews with Paul Khouri whose knowledgeable recollections of working on Marcus Garvey Drive, not only as a producer but as an engineer and musician, are illuminating and educational. Both sets present an insight into the birth and growth of Federal Records and the Jamaican recording industry and are essential to an understanding of the real roots of reggae music.


Dub Store Records is the Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae and Dancehall reissue label run by the eponymous Tokyo based record store. The label aims at accurately covering the 50-plus years of Jamaican music, and pass on many rare and magnificent recordings, which are non-commercial and highly artistic. Carefully handing down the tradition of reggae music, Dub Store Records has so far issued recordings from labels and artists such as Studio One, Federal Records (Federal, Kentone, Merritone), Jammys, Bunny Wailer's Solomonic, Derrick Harriott, Kiddus I, Redman International, King Tubby’s Firehouse, Fam's, BMN and much more to come.

● More Dub Store Records info available at www.dubstore.co.jp/en/dsr.php
Track List :
1.Hopeton Lewis - This Music Got Soul
2.Hopeton Lewis - Let Me Come On Home
3.The Zodiacs - Walk On By
4.The Termites - We Gonna Make It
5.The Dynamites - Fountain Bliss
6.Hopeton Lewis - Rock A Shacka
7.Hopeton Lewis - Don't Cry
8.The Royals - House Upon The HIll
9.The Tartans - Real Gone Sweet
10.The Tartans - Roling Rolling
11.Hopeton Lewis - I Don't Want Trouble
12.Lester Sterling - Lester Sterling Special
13.The Dynamites - If You Don't Love Me [take 1]
14.The Tartans - Don't Take That Train
15.Lynn Taitt & The Jets - Batman [Early Take]
16.Hopeton Lewis - Oh Tell Me Darling
17.The Tartans - I'm Ready
18.Henry Buckley - Take Me Back
19.Roland Alphonso - Sounds Of Silence
20.Lynn Taitt & The Jets - Batman [Early Take Rehasal]
21.The Federal All Stars - Merritone Faulse Starts 2

Laurel Aitken -The Pionner Of Jamaican Music

This Laurel Aitken disc provides something of an audio tour of early Jamaican music history. Covering the years 1957-1966, the selections take in the island's popular musical styles of the period, including calypso, mento (Jamaican folk music with calypso strains), Jamaican R&B, and ska. A mix of calypso and mento numbers kicks things off, some including hand drums and proto-Rastafarian lyrics inspired by Jamaica's popular gospel revival churches ("Mas Charlie (Prisoner Song)," "Nebuchadnezzar"). The topical bent of calypso is well represented too, with songs covering both politics ("Ghana Independence (They Got It)") and sports ("West Indian Cricket Test"). Aitken indulges in several Jamaican R&B numbers in the middle of the disc, showing how island musicians turned the U.S. R&B beat inside out; standout tracks in this style include "Going Back to Kansas City" and "Mash Potato Boogie." Also in the R&B vein are gospel tunes like "Judgement Day" and "I Believe," the latter featuring an infectious New Orleans shuffle-blues beat. The last third of the program is dedicated to some excellent ska, including such standouts as "We Shall Overcome," the joyously manic "Green Banana," and "Bachelor Life" ("A life without a wife is like a kitchen without a knife"). Contributing to the fine musical backing heard throughout are tenor saxophonists Val Bennett and Stanley Ribbs, guitarist Ernest Ranglin, and trombonist Rico Rodriguez. This is a great title for students and fans of early Jamaican music. For listeners expecting a program of just ska and/or rocksteady, though, the good number of calypso and R&B tunes here might be a turn off.

Track List:
A1 Ghana Independence (They Got It)   
A2 Mas Charlie (Prisoner Song)   
A3 Nebuchadnezzar   
A4 Baba Kill Me Goat   
A5 Tribute To Collie Smith   
A6 Aitken's Boogie   
A7 Mary Lee   
B1 If It's Money You Need   
B2 Low Down Dirty Girl   
B3 Railroad Track   
B4 Judgement Day   
B5 Zion   
B6 Mary Don't You Weep   
B7 You Was Up   
B8 Green Banana


Coxsones Music The First Recordings Of Sir Coxsone The Downbeat 1960-62

Coxsone's Music is a stunning new collection featuring over two and half hours of early Jamaican proto-ska, rhythm and blues, jazz, rastafari and gospel music - charting the earliest recordings produced by Clement Dodd, in the years before he launched the mighty Studio One Records, brought together here for the first time ever.
Clement Dodd's Sir Coxsone The Downbeat Soundsystem ruled Kingston's dancehalls during this era and these recordings strongly reflect the influences of American rhythm and blues and jump jazz on Jamaican music fans. By the time the new record company formed in Brentford Road, Kingston in 1963, the young Clement 'Sir Coxsone' Dodd had already managed to release an incredible wealth of recordings by the talented musicians and artists on the island of Jamaica and this collection reflects just that:
Featuring Don Drummond, Roland Alphonso, Derrick Harriott, Owen Gray, Clancy Eccles, Count Ossie, Monty Alexander, The Blues Busters, Ernest Ranglin, Rico Rodriguez and many, many more all captured here in their formative early years.
Before Studio One, Clement Dodd released this music on a variety of his early record labels such as Worldisc, All Stars, Coxsone, D Darling (named after Coxsone's mother, who received a production credit on the label), Muzik City (named after Dodd's record store on East Queen's Street), Port O Jam, Supreme and Sensational. Sleevenotes to this collection are by Studio One authority Rob Chapman, author of the Never Grow Old and Downbeat Special books cataloguing the many recordings of the label.

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I-Roy - don't check me with no lightweight stuff (1972-1975) (Repost)

Like most Jamaican stars, I-Roy was prolific to the point of deluging the market with releases, but unlike many other artists, most of his work during the apex of his career was all of decidedly high caliber. A box set is desperately needed to round up the best of his work during the '70s, but as that's unlikely, Don't Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff is an excellent start. The title, incidentally, is taken from a spoken line in the intro to "Look a Boom," and is appropriate, as the set rounds up 16 heavy-hitting numbers. The collection draws exclusively from 1972-1975, the period between his breakthrough in Jamaica and his inking a deal with Virgin Records. Across this three-year period, I-Roy unleashed scores of singles, self-producing some while also cutting records for virtually every producer on the island. However, this is by no means a greatest-hits collection, as a number of the DJ's biggest smashes, "Black Man Time," "Monkey Fashion," and "Tripe Girl," are missing. However, you do get "Buck and the Preacher," an equal chart-buster, the seminal "Sidewalk Killer," and "Holy Satta," his Psalm-filled version of the Abyssinians' masterpiece, "Satta Massa Gana." One of I-Roy's many fortes was his thematic diversity, and his toasts ranged from Rasta-fired preaching inspired by the Psalms, strong societal messages, and chatty pieces on more popular concerns to sharp, rousing cuts aimed at firing up the crowds at the sound systems. This set showcases his versatility, his excitement at the latest black films ("Superfly" and the aforementioned "Buck and the Preacher"), keenness for literacy ("Sound Education"), condemnations of anti-social behavior ("Noisy Place" and "Hot Stuff"), and warnings to the wicked ("Double Warning" and "Hospital Trolley"). The DJ pays his respects to saxophonist Tommy McCook on "Sidewalk Killer," and offers comfort to a boxing great on the superb "Don't Get Weary Joe Frazier." Every one of the numbers boasts a superb musical accompaniment, all skillfully reworking rhythms into sizzling mixes that provide the perfect template for I-Roy's toasts. As one has come to gratefully expect from the Blood & Fire label, — Jo-Ann Greene
1.Sidewalk Killer
2.Hot Stuff
3.Buck And The Preacher
4.Ken Boothe Special
5.Black Talk
6.Look A Boom
7.Sound Education
8.Noisy Place
9.Fire Burn
10.Sufferer's Psalm
12.Hospital Trolley
13.Double Warning
14.Holy Satta
15.Straight To The Heathen Head
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Phillip Smart Meets The Aggrovators at King Tubby's

Philip Smart was one of the great engineers to learn his trade as understudy to the legendary dub master himself, Osbourne "King Tubby" Ruddock. Alongside other luminaries such as Prince Jammy and Scientist, Smart would step in at the controls when the demand for King Tubby's studio dubs grew to such an extent that each single was expected to carry a version or dub on the flipside. Smart moved to the United States in the late '70s, and in 1981 he opened his successful HC&F Recording Studio in Freeport, Long Island, New York. It produced some sizeable Jamaican dancehall hits for his two record labels, Tan-Yah and Eclipse Records. The studio's creations have included tracks like Dirtsman's "Hot This Year," "Rikers Island," and, most notably, Shaggy's "Oh Carolina," "Big Up," and "Angel." But it's the heady days of the early 1970s, up to 1976, that this release focuses on, when the version was king and Smart was at the controls mixing up some fine dubs with Jamaica's finest musicians The Aggrovators, working some of producer Bunny "Striker" Lee's rhythms in fine style

United Dub
Fool Get Wise Dub
Nuclear Weapon
Full Up Dub
Prophecy Dub
Queen Of Dubs
Flat Foot Hustling Dub
Late Night Dub
Money Make Friends Dub
Wiseman Dub
Heavenly Dub
Night Angel Dub


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STUDIO ONE Showcase: The Sound Of Studio One In The 1970s

“Studio One Showcase brings together a new fine selection of classic tracks from Horace Andy, Freddy McGregor, Johnny Osbourne, Lone Ranger, Sugar Minott, The Heptones, Wailing Souls and other seminal reggae artists all recorded at Studio One in the 1970s.
By the start of the 1970s, Clement Dodd’s Studio One record label was at a crossroads. The previous two decades had given the producer and record label more success than most aspired to in a lifetime. From the mid-1950s on, the Downbeat Soundsystem had conquered all opponents – from Duke Reid to Prince Buster – and shaped and led the musical landscape of the dancehall. In the 1960s, the establishment of Studio One Records at 13 Brentford Road in Kingston, Jamaica, had led to a Ford Motors-esque production line of hits that similarly defined reggae music.
But the 1970s was to prove Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd’s most challenging and yet ultimately the most creative decade of all. Like the most zealous and resourceful of pioneers, Studio One was about to embark on a stunning era of reinvention, adaptation, stripping down and versioning, each step of which marked new musical developments in reggae music – roots reggae, deejay, dancehall, rub a dub and more.
This album presents an overview of this exciting and ground-breaking decade of the 1970s at Studio One, during an era where, despite challenges from new producers, political turmoil, and almost constant musical and technological innovations in reggae, Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd was able to maintain his position as the pioneering leader in reggae music, and to maintain Studio One is the number one sound in reggae music. Always.”

 Track List :

1. See A Man's Face 02:28
2. Right On Rasta 03:07
3. Jah Dread 03:57
4. What About Me 03:19
5. Time To Be Happy 05:35
6. Stick Together 05:21
7. Have No Fear 02:44
8. Just Another Day 08:19
9. Chuky Skank 02:39
10. Bredda Labba Labba 02:43
11. Stay With Me 02:20
12. People A Watch Me 03:26
13. Tribulation 03:41
14. Hard To Confess 02:42
15. Fish Tea 02:57
16. Ain't No Love 02:09
17. Send Another Moses 06:03
18. Joy In The Morning

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01 Dub Specialist - Cairo
02 Dub Specialist - Lourenço Marques
03 Dub Specialist - Callie Roots
04 Dub Specialist - Libra Dub
05 Dub Specialist - Dakar
06 Dub Specialist - Better Dub
07 Dub Specialist - Rockers Hop
08 Dub Specialist - Roots Dub
09 Dub Specialist - Moving Dub
10 Dub Specialist - Just Can't Dub
11 Dub Specialist - Meet 7 Milliion
12 Dub Specialist - Scorpio Dub
13 Dub Specialist - Nairobi
14 Dub Specialist - Dub Creation
15 Dub Specialist - Virgo Dub
16 Dub Specialist - This Race
17 Dub Specialist - Darker Black
18 Dub Specialist - Capricorn Dub
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Derrick Harriott -Rocksteady- 1966-1969

  Superb collection of Derrick Harriott / Crystal productions from the late sixties, most, if not all previously reissued on 7" vinyl by Japan's Dub Store.  Harriott, dapper in his "Beatle" suit on the cover, began as a singer with the Jiving Juniors in the early sixties and expanded into production in the latter half of the decade scoring local hits with such stone classics as Stop That Train and Tonight with Keith & Tex, killer instrumentals such as Step Softly by Bobby Ellis and Illya Kuryakin by Ike Bennett as well as his own hits such as The Loser and Do I Worry, all here, alongside collector's pieces like Junior Soul's (Murvin) Glendevon Special,  and Keith& Tex's proto roots Run To The Rocks.  Harriott's productions were always clean, musical and among the best of their time.

Track Listing:

Side One:
1. Step Softly - Bobby Ellis & The Desmond Miles Seven
2. Reach Out I'll Be There - Derrick Harriott
3. Glendevon Special - Junior Soul
4. Now We Know - Bobby Ellis & The Desmond Miles Seven

Side Two:
5. Do I Worry - Derrik Harriott
6. Tonight - Keith & Tex
7. Feeling Peckish - Bobby Ellis & The Jets
8. Heartbreak Girl - Noel brown
9. All Night - David Anthony

Side Three:
10. Hypnotizing Eyes - Keith & Tex
11. Shuntin - Bobby Ellis & The Crystalites
12. The Loser - Derrik Harriott
13. Magic Touch - Junior Soul
14. The Emperor - Bobby Ellis & The Jets

Side Four:
15. The Hustler - Junior Soul
16. Illya Kuryankin - Ike Bennet & The Crystalites
17. Man's Temptation - Noel Brown
18. Run To The Rocks - Keith & Tex
19. It's All Right - Derrick Harriott

More Info by -http://www.dubvendor.co.uk

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The Paragons - On The Beach With The Paragons (1967-1982)

Disc 1
01 - On The Beach
02 - Island In The Sun
03 - When The Lights Are Low
04 - The Tide Is High
05 - Love Brings Pain
06 - Only A Smile
07 - I'll Be Back
08 - Happy Go Lucky Girl
09 - Yellow Bird
10 - I' Ll Be Back
11 - Talking Love
12 - We Were Meant To Be
13 - Mercy Mercy Mercy
14 - The Same Song
15 - You Mean The World To Me
16 - Riding A High And Windy Day
17 - A Silver Bird
18 - My Best Girl
19 - (I'm A) Worried Man
20 - The Land Of Sun And Sea
21 - Memories By The Score
22 - The Number One For Me
23 - Left With A Broken Heart
24 - I've Got To Get Away
25 - Equality And Justice
26 - You Mean So Much To Me
27 - Maybe Someday
28 - I Want To Be With You
29 - On The Beach (Medley)

Disc 2
01 - Blackbird Singing (Feat. Rosalyn Sweat)
02 - Always (Feat. Rosalyn Sweat)
03 - Mother Nature (Feat. Rosalyn Sweat)
04 - The World Is A Ghetto (Feat. Rosalyn Sweat)
05 - Unforgettable You (Feat. Rosalyn Sweat)
06 - Dance With Me
07 - Do The Best Thing
08 - Smile It's A New Day
09 - Do Right My Brothers And Sisters
10 - Talk To The People
11 - Feel Alright
12 - Why Can't I Have My Way
13 - Love Vibration
14 - Never Will I Hurt You (Feat. Tyrone Evans Solo)
15 - Come A Little Closer
16 - That's All I Want
17 - Maddening Crowd
18 - I Need Her
19 - (I Know A) Place Called Zion
20 - Heaven And Earth
21 - Positive Movements
22 - The First Time I Saw You
23 - Life Spoilers
24 - Dirty Streets

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Hora del Rudeboy Temp#17 Episodio #3 -Jam Musik-Ska Jazz

La dosis perfecta para deleitar tus oídos y empezar el otoño con las novedades musicales más exquisitas actualmente realizadas.
Hora del Rudeboy Podcast – Temporada 17 – Episodio 3 Ska Jazz & Sonidos Jamaicanos presentamos desde U.K The Indecisions –Manifiesto Ska Jazz (Chile )King Stafa –Ska Jazz (Mex)
KSoul (Francia) WHSKS (Alemania) The Phantoms (Noruega) esto y mucho mas .
No se diga  más A escucharle ¡skankerss!

Descárgalo desde Mediafire (Enlace Directo)

Escúchalo Online Mixcloud 
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