"Countless incredible records were made in Kingston between 1968 and 1971 that has never been able to lose the stigma of being described as ‘Skinhead Reggae’ but in Jamaica the term never meant anything. However Bunny Lee’s Aggro Sound’s both at home and away. They were tougher then tough, rougher then rough, kicked like a ‘bovver’ boot and were sharper then a razor cut trim. Raw, pure and undiluted every time...some even troubled the UK national charts.. To say the man and his music dominated at the time would be a complete understatement. ‘Striker’ was everywhere...travelling between Kingston, where he opened his Agro Sounds record shop at 101 Orange Street and London where he set up his Unity label with the Palmer Brothers for the exclusive release of his productions and his Jackpot subsidiaries with both Trojan and Pama records. Ubiquitous does not start to come into it. We sincerely hope that this compilation helps to point you in the direction of some of the best music from this often overlooked period from one of the greatest producers EVER! ‘The Aggro Man’ himself Bunny Lee."

Track List
01. Lester Sterling & Stranger Cole - Bangarang
02. Derrick Morgan - Seven Letters
03. Donnie Elbert - Without You
04. Slim Smith - Everybody Needs Love
05. Delroy Wilson - Cool Operator
06. U Roy & Lennox Brown - King Of The Road
07. Derrick Morgan - Moon Hop
08. Bunny Lee Allstars - Ten Thousand Tons Of Dollar Bills
09. Pat Kelly - If It Dont Work Out
10. Derrick Morgan - Hold You Jack
11. Delroy Wilson - Who Cares
12. Max Romeo - Wet Dream
13. Roy Shirley - Joe Razor
14. Winston Williams - D.J.Choice

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Treasure Isle -Presents - More Hottest Hits - HeartBeat Rec

1  The Jamaicans -Dedicated To You    
2   The Paragons - On The Beach    
3  Gladiators, The Live Wire (Take One)    
4  Conquerors, The Lonely Street    
5  Dave Barker (2) Funky Funky Reggae    
6  Freddie McKay -If I Should Make It    
7  Leroy And Junior Break Up To Make Up    
8  Coolies, The (3) On The Bank    
9  Tyrone Evans -If This World Were Mine    
10 Phyllis Dillon -You're Like Heaven    
11  The Versatiles -I Love You Baby    
12 Soul Lads, The Funny (Take Two)    
13 Duke Reid* And U-Roy In The Studio
14.U-Roy And Melodians, The Rock Away (Version Two)    
15.Winston Wright Tonight    
16.Three Tops*     Do It Right (Early Version)    
17.Three Tops* With Phyllis Dillon Do It Right (Soul Take) 

Winston Wright - The Liquidator Strikes Back


A1 Crazy Fingers
A2 Winston's Last Train    
A3 Return Of The Liquidator    
A4 Lost In Time    
A5 Dillion On My Mind    
A6 Ali Baba Shuffle    
A7 Summertime Rock    
B1 Winston Do It    
B2 Dreamy Girl    
B3 Stars In Your Eyes    
B4 Be Careful    
B5 Rising Tide    
B6 Nightlife Melody    
B7 Bubbling Organ


Byron Lee and The Dragonaires - Uptown Top Ranking

01 Frankenstein
02 Watermelon Man
03 Last Night
04 Jamaica Ska
05 Dumplin’s
06 Bata Cha Cha Cha
07 Dragon’s Paradise
08 From Russia With Love
09 Goldfinger
10 Ol’ Man River
11 Soul Ska
12 Rock Steady
13 Slow Run
14 Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey (Version)
15 Squeeze Up (Part 2)
16 Apache
17 Reggae Makossa
18 We Five
19 Hot Reggay
20 Who-Dun-It


Byron Lee—

IN 1964, at the height of the ska craze, Edward Seaga, Jamaica’s minister of social welfare and economic development, invited Byron Lee and the Dragonaires (BL&D) to his West Kingston constituency to revel in a sound that was rocking Kingston’s clubs.

“Byron, myself and Ken Lazarus went down there and he (Seaga) said ‘listen to this’. We heard these guys making amazing music,” recalled BL&D lead singer Keith Lyn.

That “amazing music” was ska. The West Kingston trip inspired Lazarus and Lyn to write Jamaican Ska, which remains one of the band’s biggest hits.

It is one of 20 songs on Uptown Top Ranking, an album to be released June 9 by VP Records. The set revisits some of BL&D’s ska, rocksteady and reggae recordings.

Because of its longstanding ties to Carnival in the Eastern Caribbean, the band is usually associated with calypso and soca, sounds synonymous with that region.

But on Uptown Top Ranking, Lee and the Dragonaires show their versatility with Dumplings (their first hit song), Jamaican Ska, Soul Ska, Rocksteady, Hot Reggay and Don’t Call me Nigger, Whitey.

As the album’s title suggests, BL&D were an uptown band whose audience was distinctly middle-class. Because of that tag, Lyn believes they never got their due from the masses, especially as a ska act.

“Jamaican Ska was the first original ska hit, but we were never popular with the downtown crowd as they called them, so we never really got that respect,” he said.

To help promote the ska beat and dance, Seaga took BL&D and a teenaged Jimmy Cliff to the World’s Fair in New York City in 1964.


Critics argued that The Skatalites, ska’s greatest exponents, should have made the trip.

Lee formed the Dragonaires at St George’s College in the early 1950s. They made their name as a show band before hitting with the

Seaga-produced Dumplings in 1959.

The band enjoyed a chart revival during the 1980s when Lee launched the successful Jamaica Carnival. Songs like Tiney Winey and Dancehall Soca helped introduce BL&D to a new generation.

Lee died in November 2008 at age 73.

By Howard Campbell—

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Reggae Wonders - Jamaica -U.K-Connection FSF Podcast #53

For the first time in 7 years Free Ska Foundation Podcast Presents a Reggae Series
Reggae Wonders –Jamaican – U.K – Connection
The first volume of many more to come .
Our task is to wheel out many tracks from 1968s to 1970s Jamaican & British Recordings from different labels,many blanks & just classic chunes , we hope you enjoy our fist reggae Episode.





Track List

Blank Dj Instrumental

Bobby James & Dave - Build My World You

Tommy MCcoook - Bubbling Horn

The Show Boys - Long Time

The Charmers - Reggae In Wonderland

The Pioneers - Money Day

The Ethiopians - Don't Let Me Go

Blank Instrumental

Unknown Singer - Pretty Blue Eyes

Al& The Vibrators - Gee Take 2

Delroy Wilson - Gave You My Love

Denzil Dennis - My Way 

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Cápsula Musical Journal Ska #12 - Don Sonorama

Desde Argentina

Don Sonorama
Track List :
01.- Don Sonorama - El Sueño
02.- Don Sonorama - Oscar
03.- Don Sonorama - Noches de Tokyo

Escúchalo Y Descargalo

Sound Clound - Journal SKA

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Clancy Eccles - Freedom The Anthology

Clancy Eccles - Libertad: The Anthologia 1967-1973. Clancy Eccles fue uno de los principales productores de rocksteady, y pronto se convirtió en el reggae. Además de ser un cantante y productor consumado, Eccles tenía convicciones políticas profundas en el poder curativo del socialismo, y practicó lo que predicaba, prestando su voz a la causa, tanto político como interpersonal. Eccles ayudó Lee "Scratch" Perry establer su estudio e hizo todo lo que pudo para ayudar a sus compañeros músicos jamaicanos ganan prominencia durante los años 70. Parece ser que también acuñó el término "Reggae" del término del argot "streggae", que se refería a una señora de fácil reputación. Esta antología es de excelencia recopilando sus mejores temas y colaboraciones de varias agrupaciones en la época dorada de Jamaica.
 Clancy Eccles - Freedom: The Anthology 1967-73. Clancy Eccles was one of the major producers of rocksteady, the Jamaican music style that built on ska and soon developed into reggae. Besides being an accomplished singer and producer, Eccles had deep political beliefs in the healing power of socialism, and he practiced what he preached, lending his voice to the cause, both political and interpersonal. Eccles helped Lee "Scratch" Perry set up his studio and did everything he could to help his fellow Jamaican musicians gain prominence during the 70s. He also apparently coined the term "reggae" from the slang term "streggae," which referred to a lady of easy reputation. This anthology, released by the amazing Trojan label, is uniformly excellent.

Disc 1
  1. What Will Your Mama Say - Clancy Eccles
  2. Stay Loose - Hemsley Morris
  3. Say What You're Saying - Eric Morris
  4. C. N. Express - Clancy, Lee & Sticky
  5. Oh My Lover - Clancy Eccles & Velma Mongal
  6. Two Of A Kind - Clancy Eccles & Claudelle Clarke
  7. I Did It - Winston Wright & The Dynamites
  8. Please Stay - Larry Marshall & Alvin
  9. My Lonely Days - Eric Morris
  10. Easy Snappin' - Theo Beckford
  11. Here Comes The Night - Busty Brown
  12. Feel The Rhythm - Clancy Eccles
  13. Let Us Be Lovers - Clancy Eccles & Velma Mongal
  14. Deacon Don - Clancy Eccles
  15. Don't Brag, Don't Boast (AKA Bagaboo) - Clancy Eccles
  16. Last Call (AKA Tribute To Drumbago) - The Dynamites
  17. Fattie Fattie - Clancy Eccles
  18. Rodney's History - Carl Dawkins
  19. I Don't Care - The Dingle Brothers
  20. John Public (AKA Tom Hark) - The Dynamites
  21. Sho Be Do - Clancy Eccles
  22. Fire Corner - King Stitt
  23. Mount Zion (We Want To Go Back Home) - Clancy Eccles & Noel 'Scully' Simms
  24. The World Needs Love - Clancy Eccles
  25. Vigerton 2 - King Stitt
  26. Mr Midnight (AKA Skokiaan) - Winston Wright & The Dynamites
  27. Africa - Clancy Eccles & Chorus
  28. Foolish Fool - Cynthia Richards
  29. Don't Mind Me - Joe Higgs & Ron Wilson
Disc 2
  1. Dance Beat - King Stitt & Clancy Eccles
  2. The Ugly One (AKA Lee Van Cleef) - King Stitt & The Dynamites
  3. Freedom - Clancy Eccles
  4. Kingston Town - Lord Creator
  5. Holly Holy - The Fabulous Flames
  6. I Fe Layo (AKA The Name Of The Game) - Larry McDonald & Denzil Laing With The Dynamites
  7. Conversation - Cynthia Richards
  8. Herbsman Shuffle (AKA Herbman) - King Stitt & Andy Capp
  9. Phantom - The Dynamites
  10. Love Me Forever - Barry & Affections
  11. Zion - The Westmorlites
  12. Love That Builds - Joe Higgs & Ron Wilson
  13. Credit Squeeze - Clancy Eccles
  14. Live And Love - Barry Wilson
  15. Sweet Jamaica - Clancy Eccles
  16. Unite Tonight - Clancy Eccles
  17. Growing Up - The Fabulous Flames
  18. Hi De Do - The Fabulous Flames
  19. Rod Of Correction - Clancy Eccles
  20. Teardrops Will Fall - The Silvertones
  21. Power For The People - Clancy Eccles
  22. Hallelujah Free At Last - Clancy Eccles
  23. Send Me A Picture - Glen Ricketts
  24. Ganja Free - Clancy Eccles
  25. Stop The Criticism - Clancy Eccles
  26. You Can't Be Serious - Tito Simon
  27. People Can't You See - Third World 

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Lyn Taitt & The Jets - Anthology 65 -73

 Hold Me Tight 1965 - '73

La gran evidencia en la influencia de Taitt sobre la  industria musical en Jamaica a mediados de los 60s y a principios de los 70s
Hagamos Rocksteady ' set, que es un escaparate virtual de la mejor de su trabajo de la sesión, con la casi totalidad de las grabaciones con su guitarra inconfundible jugando. Esta compilación ofrece un acompañamiento perfecto para que la liberación, con el disco uno se centra lo mejor de su obra instrumental y el disco dos destacando algunos de los mejores de su trabajo con varios cantantes principales de la Isla.

Evidence of Taitt's influence on Jamaica's recording industry throughout the sixties is reflected in the music on the previously issued 'Let's Do Rocksteady' set, which is a virtual showcase of the best of his session work, with almost all of the recordings featuring his unmistakable guitar playing. This compilation provides a perfect accompaniment to that release, with disc one focusing on the best of his instrumental work and disc two highlighting some of the best of his work with many of Kingston's leading vocal acts - not to mention Johnny Nash! Trojan. 2005.

01 Storm Warning
02 Smoky Places
03 Stream of Life
04 I Don't Want to See You Cry
05 Nice Time
06 You Have Caught Me
07 Napoleon Solo
08 Pressure & Slide
09 Long Story
10 Soloman
11 Soul Shot
12 The Last Waltz
13 Why Did You Leave Me (To Cry)
14 Mr Dooby
15 Unity
16 Only a Smile
17 The Brush
18 I Am the Upsetter Version
19 Dreamland
20 El Casino Royale
21 Soul Food
22 Why Am I Treated So Badly
23 Batman
24 Top Cat
25 Intensified '68
26 Rainbow Valley
27 Adam Twelve
28 Rudies All Around - Joe White
29 Cool Collie - Hopeton Lewis
30 Get On The Bali. - Roy Shirley
31 Listen To The Music - Lloyd & The Groovers
32 Talking Love - John Holt & The Paragons
33 Cool It - Dermot Lynch
34 Leaving On That Train - Keith & Ten
35 I'm Going Home - Errol Dunkley
36 Cool Night - The Jamaicans
37 Seeing Is Knowing - Stranger & Gladdy
38 Right On Time The West Indians
39 She Said She Loves Me - The Sealmakers
40 Crime Don't Pay - The Kingstomans
41 Family War - Nehemiah Reid
42 Girl You Ruf - The Overtakers
43 Fat Girl In Red - The Mellotones
44 I Want To Love You - Delroy Wilson
45 Joy In The Morning - The Gaylads 18. Send Requests - The Viceroys
46 Stop The Wedding - Paulette & The Consomates
47 Live Like A King - Hopeton Lewis & Glen Brown
48 Swing And Dine - The Melodians
49 You Hurt My Soul - Joe Higgs
50 Bring It On Home - The Kilowatts
51 Hold Me Tight - Johnny Nash
52 I Like Your World - The Gaylets
53 Can't You See - Ken Boothe
54 Send Request - The Viceroys

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