Kentone Ska Singles 1965 - 7 Singles Set



1.01 - Ernest Ranglin - Free Form (2:39)

1.02 - Ernest Ranglin - Skalvouvia (2:58)

1.03 - The Sharks - You Made Me Warm (Acoustic) (2:48)

1.04 - The Sharks - You Made Me Warm (2:30)

1.05 - Eric Monty Morris - Blackman Ska (2:48)

1.06 - Eric Monty Morris - A Spot in My Heart for You (3:52)

1.07 - Monarchs - All of Me (2:25)

1.08 - Sneer Towners - You Say Me Say (2:01)

1.09 - Stranger - Word Is Wind (2:42)

1.10 - Dobby Dobson - Cry Another Cry (2:26)

1.11 - Toots and The Maytals - My Daily Food (1:37)

1.12 - Toots and The Maytals - One Look (Single Version) (2:44)

1.13 - Eddie Perkins - Take These Chains from My Heart (2:32)

1.14 - Eddie Perkins - I Am Blue (2:39)



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Talk About Love - The Best of Sunshot Records Chapter I



1.01 - Ken Boothe - Artibella (2:15)

1.02 - Bobby Kalphat - I Can Make Honey aka Artibella, Pt. 2 (2:07)

1.03 - Big Youth - Keep Your Dread (2:18)

1.04 - Horace Andy - Root of All Evil (2:38)

1.05 - John Holt - Strange Things (2:29)

1.06 - Carl Moore - Our Forefathers Died in the Sand (2:14)

1.07 - The Phil Pratt All Stars - Strange Mood (2:15)

1.08 - Pat Kelly - Talk About Love (2:29)

1.09 - Dennis Alcapone - This a Butter (2:29)

1.10 - Bobby Kalphat - Mercyfull Father (2:51)

1.11 - Dennis Brown - Let Love In (2:13)

1.12 - Barrington Spence - Where Must I Go (1:42)

1.13 - Al Campbell - A Game Called Love (2:32)

1.14 - Ken Boothe - I'm Not for Sale (2:53)

1.15 - The Heptones - Swept for You Baby (3:24)

1.16 - U-Roy - Real Cool (2:25)

1.17 - Horace Andy - Feel Good All Over (2:53)

1.18 - John Holt - My Heart Is Gone (2:50)

1.19 - Dennis Alcapone - Picture or No Picture (2:55)

1.20 - Pat Kelly - Soulful Love (3:23)

1.21 - Dennis Brown - Black Magic Woman (3:38)

1.22 - Big Youth - Tell It Black (2:58)

1.23 - The Tropic Shadows - Anniversary (3:10)



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Federal Records Ska Singles 1965 - 8 Singles Set



1.01 - Toots and The Maytals - Coppa (2:31)

1.02 - Toots and The Maytals - Come Along with Me (2:19)

1.03 - Clive Wilson - One Ska, One Ounce of Weed, One Beer (2:20)

1.04 - Federal Singers - Love Is All I Have (2:36)

1.05 - Federal Singers - My Love (2:30)

1.06 - Federal Singers - What to Do (2:29)

1.07 - Don Drummond - One Beer, One Scotch, One Burbon (Take 1) (2:49)

1.08 - Don Drummond - One Beer, One Scotch, One Burbon (Take 2) (2:43)

1.09 - Cavaliers - Blue Ska (2:35)

1.10 - Cavaliers - I Man (2:42)

1.11 - Cavaliers - Tribute to Ska (2:42)

1.12 - Cavaliers - Dip Them (2:17)

1.13 - Granville Williams & His Orchestra - Wailin' (3:08)

1.14 - Granville Williams & His Orchestra - Old McDonald (2:19)

1.15 - Granville Williams & His Orchestra - String of Pearls (3:33)

1.16 - Granville Williams & His Orchestra - Third Man Theme (2:49)



BMN Ska & Rocksteady Singles 1964-1965 - 10 Singles Set



1. Llans Thelwell & The Celestials – Mughead Ska (03:36)
2. Llans Thelwell & The Celestials – Free For All (02:37)
3. Llans Thelwell & The Celestials – Jive Samba (02:57)
4. Llans Thelwell & The Celestials – Pick Up The Pieces (03:41)
5. Llans Thelwell & The Celestials – Golden Horns (03:01)
6. Llans Thelwell & The Celestials – Choo Choo Ska (03:21)
7. The Blues Busters – I Won't Let You Go (01:57)
8. The Blues Busters – Love Me Forever (02:43)
9. The Blues Busters – Soon You'll Be Gone (02:48)
10. Blues Busters – I Don't Know (01:57)
11. The Blues Busters – There's Always Sunshine (03:03)
12. The Maytals – Love Is A Special Feeling (02:47)
13. Byron Lee & The Dragonaires – Frankenstein (02:37)
14. Byron Lee & The Dragonaires – Musical Pressure (02:37)
15. David Isaacs – I'd Rather Be Lonely (03:06)
16. David Isaacs – See That Man (02:38)
17. The Maytals – Bam Bam (03:18)
18. Sir Lord Comic – Ska-Ing West (03:02)
19. Stephen Cheng – Always Together (02:50)
20. Sam Carty – Rich Man, Poor Man (03:07)
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G.G. RECORDS PRESENTS - Old Time Reggae from G.G's


Tracklist : 


01 The Untouchables - Backslider
02 The G.G. All Stars - Mosquito Dub
03 Shorty Perry - Food Control
04 The Starlites - Mr Softhand
05 The G.G. All Stars - Mr Softhand Dub
06 The Heptones - Old Time
07 The G.G. All Stars - Old Time Dub Version
08 Vernon Buckley - Ital Queen
09 The G.G. All Stars - Ital Queen Dub
10 Paulette Williams - Everyday It's Just the Same Kind of Thing
11 Shorty Perry - Sweat of Your Brow
12 The Starlites - You're a Wanted Man
13 The G.G. All Stars - Back to Dubwise
14 The Maytones - All Over the World People Are Changing
15 The G.G. All Stars - All Over the World People Are Changing (Version)
16 Paulette Williams - My Island
17 The G.G. All Stars - My Island Dub
18 Bellfield - How You Gonna Get Control
19 The G.G. All Stars - Dubbing Control
20 Shorty Perry - Dedicated to Illiteracy
21 The G.G. All Stars - Dedicated to Illiteracy (Version)
22 Bellfield - Sugar Plum
23 The G.G. All Stars - Sugar Plum Dub

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STUDIO ONE 007 – Licenced to Ska: James Bond and other Film Soundtracks and TV Themes (Expanded Edition)


Licensed To Ska! James Bond and Other Film Soundtracks and TV Themes: Fully remastered and expanded to a massive 18 super rare and killer cuts from the Studio One empire.

Compilation featuring a selection of rare and classic tracks from Jamaica's no.1 record label, Studio One, featuring The Skatalites, Lee Perry, Jackie Mittoo, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Roland Alphonso and The Soul Brothers. 

James Bond and Jamaica have very strong links and the films have always been much loved there - it was home for Bond's creator Ian Fleming and provided the setting for 'Dr. No', 'Live and Let Die', 'The Man With the Golden Gun' and 'No Time to Die'. 

The album also includes killer tracks from the James Bond 1969 spoof 'Our Man Flint' and the Clint Eastwood-starring Spaghetti Western 'Hang 'Em High'.


1. Jackie Mittoo and The Soul Brothers – James Bond

2. The Skatalites – Dick Tracy

3. The Soul Brothers – James Bond Girl

4. The Skatalites – Guns Of Navarone

5. Roland Alphonso and The Studio One Orchestra – From Russia With Love

6. The Soul Brothers – Thunderball

7. Jackie Mittoo – Hang 'Em High

8. The Soul Brothers – Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

9. The Soul Brothers – 007

10. Lee Perry and The Wailers – Pussy Galore

11. The Soul Brothers – Mr. Flint

12. The Skatalites – Ball Of Fire

13. The Soul Brothers – James Bond Danger Man

14. The Soul Brothers – Lawman

15. The Skatalites – Black Orpheus

16. The Skatalites – Exodus

17. The Skatalites – Dr. Kildare

18. The Soul Brothers – Fiddler On The Roof



Desmond Dekker - King of Ska: The Beverley's Records Singles Collection 1963 - 1967


Desmond Dekker / King of Ska: (The Beverley's Records Singles Collection, 1963 - 1967) In 1963, a 21-year-old welder with dreams of becoming a full-time singer-songwriter, auditioned for one of Jamaica's new elite record producers, Leslie Kong, owner of the recently launched Beverley's Records label. 

After performing a number of original compositions, a deal was secured and within weeks, Desmond Adolphus Dacres saw his name in print as 'Desmond Dekker' on the labels of what would prove to be the first of his catalogue of 7" singles. 

The record, which coupled two of his own songs, 'Honour Your Mother And Father' and 'Madgie', became an instant best-seller and heralded the beginning of a long and immensely successful run of singles by Dekker, both as a solo artist and later, as lead singer for The Aces. 

Tracklist : 

1. Desmond Dekker - Honour Your Mother and Father (2:25)

2. Desmond Dekker;The Beverley's All Stars - Madgie (2:40)

3. Desmond Dekker - Happy Birthday Jamaica (3:07)

4. Desmond Dekker - Sinners, Prepare! (2:39)

5. Desmond Dekker - Parents (2:31)

6. Desmond Dekker - Labour for Learning (2:38)

7. Desmond Dekker - Dracula (2:55)

8. Don Drummond - Spitfire (3:18)

9. Desmond Dekker;The Cherry Pies - Jeserine (2:41)

10. Theophilus Beckford - Take Your Time (2:35)

11. Desmond Dekker;The Cherry Pies - King of Ska (2:44)

12. Tony Washington & The D.C's - Boof Ska (2:46)

13. Desmond Dekker;The Aces - Get Up Adina (2:41)

14. Sonny Burke & His Group - Sleepwalk (1:56)

15. Desmond Dekker - It Was Only a Dream (2:59)

16. The Four Aces - Just One Little Girl (2:30)

17. Desmond Dekker;The Aces - This Woman (2:34)

18. Desmond Dekker;The Four Aces - Mount Zion (2:45)

19. Desmond Dekker - Soldering (2:33)

20. Sonny Burke & His Group - Just in Time (It's Always a Pleasure) (2:18)

21. Desmond Dekker;The Aces - It's a Shame (2:23)

22. Roland Alphonso;The Beverley's All Stars - On the Move (3:20)

23. Desmond Dekker;The Aces - 007 (Shanty Town) (2:34)

24. Roland Alphonso;The Beverley's All Stars - El Torro (Edit) (3:23)

25. Desmond Dekker;The Aces - Wise Man (2:16)

26. Roland Alphonso;The Beverley's All Stars - Middle East (2:50)

27. Desmond Dekker;The Aces - Rude Boy Train (2:19)

28. Roland Alphonso;The Beverley's All Stars - Nothing for Nothing (2:57)

29. Desmond Dekker - Mother's Young Gal (2:58)

30. Roland Alphonso;The Beverley's All Stars - Jungle Bit (3:13)

31. Desmond Dekker;The Aces - You've Got Your Troubles (3:16)

32. Roland Alphonso;The Beverley's All Stars - Don Special (2:45)

33. Desmond Dekker;The Aces - Unity (2:14)

34. Desmond Dekker;The Aces - Sweet Music (2:30)

35. Desmond Dekker;The Aces - Keep a Cool Head (2:04)

36. Roland Alphonso;The Beverley's All Stars - Charade (3:06)

37. Desmond Dekker;The Aces - Mother Long Tongue (2:11)

38. Roland Alphonso;The Beverley's All Stars - Halls of Montezuma (3:17)

39. Desmond Dekker;The Aces - Sabotage (2:44)

40. Desmond Dekker;The Aces - Pretty Africa (2:41)



Rudies All Round - Rude Boy Records 1966-1977


The ultimate rude boy collection,

 Rudies All Round is packed with 20 rocksteady hits that all revolve around the rude boys themselves. 

This is rocksteady at its most exquisite, featuring duos, solo artists accompanied by their sublime backing bands, and classic vocal groups like the Pioneers, the Rulers, the Tartans, and the Clarendonians. 

Beyond the slow, smooth rhythms and phenomenal vocals, the album also illustrates the island's mixed feelings about its young bad boys. Joe White's title track celebrates their arrival, as does the Pioneers' "Rudies Are the Greatest" and Desmond Dekker's "Rude Boy Train." The Rulers, in contrast, sweetly protest "Don't Be a Rude Boy," while the rudies inspire fear in the Overtakers, who warn "Beware." 

As rude boy mayhem reached epic proportions, groups began to comment on the violence sweeping Jamaica, such as the Clarendonians' "Rudie Bam Bam," the Valentines' "Blam Blam Fever," and Winston & George's "Denham Town." Then, as events began to spin out of control, artists released songs meant to help calm the situation: "Cool Off Rudie," "Stop the Violence," and "Drop the Ratchet" among them.

 But it was too late, resulting in "Soldiers Take Over," the institution of a "Curfew," and a situation far from "Copasetic," as the Rio Grandes, Bobby Aitken, and the Rulers sonorously explained. 

The set's last two tracks are given over to the Judge Dread saga. Lee Perry's "Set Them Free" is an eloquent defense of these miscreant youths. Derrick Morgan's "Judge Dread in Court" was the artist's final salvo in the soap opera, a hilarious song wherein he jails the judge. However, entertaining as it is, it seems a bit out of place here. Regardless, there's no better compilation of the era than this.

Track List : 

1.The Rulers–Don't Be A Rude Boy

2.The Spanishtonians–Rudie Gets Plenty

3.Alton Ellis & The Flames–The Preacher

4.The Valentines–Blam Blam Fever

5.The Rio Grandes–Soldiers Take Over

6.Bobby Aitken–Curfew

7.The Rulers–Copasetic

8.The Clarendonians–Rudie Bam Bam

9.Derrick Morgan–Cool Off Rudies

10.Winston & George–Denham Town

11.Stranger Cole & The Conquerors–Drop The Ratchet

12.Alton Ellis & The Flames–Blessings Of Love

13.Desmond Dekker & The Aces–Rude Boy Train

14.The Overtakers–Beware

15.Joe White–Rudies All Round

16.The Pioneers–Rudies Are The Greatest

17.The Valentines–Stop The Violence

18.The Tartans– What Can I Say

19.Derrick Morgan–Judge Dread In Court

20.Lee Perry & The Sensations–Set Them Free



Satelite Kingston - Una Isla 2003 - Request

 Tracklist : 

01 La vuelta
02 Dificultades con las chicas
03 Jamaica Farewell
04 Supuesta's Steady Suite
05 Si yo fuera rey
06 Pequeño Valentín
07 Nunca más
08 Arlequino
09 Solos y solas
10 Desierto
11 Supuesto Dub
12 930 F St.
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Hora Rudy Episodio 18 Temporada 20


Estamos de vuelta con algunos estrenos además de clásicos de los 80s y 90s ,puedes escuchar el podcast en una de estas opciones Disfruten .

Episodio 18 se encuentra disponible en cualquiera de estas opciones DESCARGA LIBRE (MEDIAFIRE) 

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Duke’s Cookies: Duke Reid’s Mento, Shuffle Blues & Ska 1960-1962 HQ


The influence of Duke Reid upon the development of the Jamaican music industry can never be overstated. During the 1950s, he dominated the island’s sound system scene, initially specialising with rare R&B imports from the US before turning to local talent to create ‘exclusives’ for his powerful sound.

These early productions proved so popular that many were subsequently officially released as 7” singles, primarily on the distinctive ‘Duke Reid’s’ record label in Jamaica, and Melodisc’s famed ‘Blue Beat’ subsidiary in the UK. Yet despite the popularity and influence of Reid’s early works, a serious anthology of his recorded output from this period has until now remained unavailable.

This collection finally makes up for lost time with almost the entirety of his released work from this time collected across three discs, combining major Jamaican hits, performed by some of the island’s leading foundation artists, with almost forgotten rarities from one-hit wonders. And, as an added bonus, numerous rare alternate takes that have remained in the vaults since the dawn of the 1960s are also included.

As a stand-alone release or a companion to previous Doctor Bird and Trojan Duke Reid collections, this essential 3CD set not only provides a fascinating musical insight into the origins of Jamaica’s national sound, but also provides the opportunity to hear some of the finest mento, shuffle blues and proto-ska sounds of the period.

Track Listing:

1 Penny Reel – Lord Power
2 I’m Going Home – Chuck & Dobby
3 Lollipop Girl – The Jiving Juniors
4 Duke’s Cookies – Rico Rodriguez
5 Tell Me (Pretty Baby) – Chuck & Dobby
6 My Heart’s Desire – The Jiving Juniors
7 Green Door – Roland Alphonso
8 Marjorie – Alvin & Cecil
9 Running Around – Chuck & Dobby
10 I Wanna Love – The Jiving Juniors
11 Blackberry Brandy – Roland Alphonso
12 Oh Fanny – Chuck & Dobby
13 I Love You – The Jiving Juniors
14 In And Out The Window – Monty & Roy
15 Tra La La Boogie – Drumbago & His Orchestra
16 Dearest Darling – The Jiving Juniors
17 Feel So Fine (take 2) – Derrick & Patsy
18 Low Down Dirty Girl – Laurel Aitken
19 Mean To Me – Roland Alphonso
20 Let The Good Times Roll – Derrick & Patsy
21 Sweetie Pie – Monty & Roy
22 Let George Do It – Rico Rodriguez
23 Judgement Day – Laurel Aitken
24 You Done Me Wrong (take 2) – Derrick & Patsy
25 Duck Soup – Drumbago’s All Stars
26 Baby Please Don’t Leave Me – Derrick & Patsy
27 Magic – Duke Reid & His Group
28 Chambonia – Lord Power

1 Pink Lane Shuffle – Duke Reid & His Group
2 More Whisky aka More Whiskey – Laurel Aitken
3 Cool School – Chuck & Dobby
4 What Makes Honey – Duke Reid & His Group
5 Yea Yea Baby – Laurel Aitken
6 Lover Boy – Derrick Morgan
7 Parapinto Boogie – Lloyd Clarke
8 Till The End Of Time – Chuck & Dobby
9 The Joker – Duke Reid & His Group
10 Mary Had A Little Lamb – Eric Morris
11 Bells Of Love – The Moonlighters
12 Plan A Future (take 1) – The Charmers
13 Love Not To Brag – Derrick & Patsy
14 Old King Cole – Eric Morris
15 Anytime (take 1) – The Moonighters
16 Are You Going To Marry Me – Derrick & Patsy
17 Midnight Train (take 4) – Hortense Ellis
18 Bye Bye Baby – The Prodigals
19 Oh Shirley – Derrick & Patsy
20 Ben Johnson Day (take 2) – Basil Gabbidon
21 Prodigal Son – The Prodigals
22 Troubles – Derrick & Patsy
23 Going Down To Canaan (take 1) – Cosmo & Dennis
24 Chicken Boogie – Duke Reid & His Group
25 I Had A Dream – Derrick & Patsy
26 Beautiful Angel – The Prodigals
27 Easter Parade – Roland Alphonso
28 Oh My Love – Derrick & Patsy

1 Oh Joycie – Derrick & Patsy
2 Let’s Go To The Party – Stranger & Patsy
3 Choo Choo (take 2) – Prodigals
4 Come Back My Love – Derrick & Patsy
5 Tonight And Ever More – Cosmo & Dennis
6 Neck Tie (take 1) – Roland Alphonso
7 Joy Bells – Derrick Morgan
8 Bless You (take 1) – Cosmo & Dennis
9 Crying For My Baby (take 1) – Unknown vocalist
10 Marianne (take 2) – Derrick & Patsy
11 I Don’t Want You (take 1) – Frank Cosmo
12 Power (take 1) – Stranger & Ken
13 Crying In The Chapel (take 1 or 2?) – Derrick & Patsy
14 Bed Of Roses – Cosmo&Dennis
15 Barnyard Boogie – Roland Alphonso
16 Trying To Make You Mine – Derrick & Patsy
17 This Is Love aka This Is True (take 1) – Stranger & Patsy
18 Hold Me Tenderly – Hortense Ellis
19 You Done Me Wrong aka Why Did You Do It (take 1) – Derrick & Patsy
20 At The Party (take 2) – Frank Cosmo
21 The Mood I Am In – The Duke Reid Band
22 My Lovin’ Baby – Derrick & Monty
23 It Takes Time – The Slanes
24 Woodchopper’s Ball (take 1) – Roland Alphonso
25 Little Brown Girl – Derrick & Patsy
26 I’ve Been A Fool – Hortense Ellis
27 Magic – The Duke Reid Band
28 Mow Sen Wa – Derrick & Lloyd

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Byron Lee - The Man & His Music Request 2023


Tracklist :

1. Byron Lee Theme From The Apartment

2. Byron Lee Jamaica Ska

3. Byron Lee Oil In My Lamp (feat. Monty Morris)

4. Byron Lee Wings Of A Dove (feat. The Blues Busters)

5. Byron Lee Soon You'll Be Gone (feat. The Blues Busters)

6. Byron Lee Sammy Dead (feat. Eric "Monty" Morris)

7. Byron Lee Come Back (feat. Stranger And Patsy)

8. Byron Lee Elizabeth Serenade Aka Elizabethan Serenade

9. Byron Lee Only A Fool (feat. The Mighty Sparrow)

10. Byron Lee Bam Bam (feat. Toots And The Maytals)

11. Byron Lee Dancehall Soca

12. Byron Lee Soca Butterfly

13. Byron Lee Soca Tattie

14. Byron Lee Dragon Dance (feat. The Mighty Sparrow)

15. Byron Lee Give Me Soca

16. Byron Lee Tiney Winey

17. Byron Lee Wine Down

18. Byron Lee Empty Chair (feat. Keith Lyn)

19. Byron Lee Behold (feat. The Blues Busters)

20. Byron Lee Walk Like A Dragon

21. Byron Lee Donna (feat. The Blues Busters)

22. Byron Lee 54-46 That's My Number (feat. Toots And The Maytals)

23. Byron Lee A Little Love Aka That's All I Want From You

24. Byron Lee Redemption Song

25. Byron Lee Tempted To Touch

26. Byron Lee Turn Me On

27. Byron Lee Blackman Come Out To Party

28. Byron Lee Old Friends Do Aka The Way Old Friends Do

29. Byron Lee Sandra (feat. The Mighty Sparrow)

30. Byron Lee Soul Ska

31. Byron Lee Holly Holy

32. Byron Lee Green Island

33. Byron Lee Sad Sweet Dreamer

34. Byron Lee Dumplins

35. Byron Lee Ska Medley [Eastern Standard Time/ Carry Go Bring Come]

36. Byron Lee Worried Over You (feat. Pam And Woody)

37. Byron Lee No Love No Money (feat. The Mighty Sparrow)

38. Byron Lee Nice Time

39. Byron Lee Sunday Coming

40. Byron Lee Mambo #12

41. Byron Lee Moon River

42. Byron Lee Mammy Blue

43. Byron Lee Reggae Love Songs

44. Byron Lee Thinking Of You (feat. The Blues Busters)

45. Byron Lee Maria (feat. The Mighty Sparrow)

46. Byron Lee Nani Wine

47. Byron Lee Carnival Killer

48. Byron Lee Dance With My Father Again


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I am back , Estoy de Regreso


Hello !!  Jamaican Music Lovers , finaly i am back to update the blog, after the pandemic issue, i have been very busy working out side Mexico City, so i am not ussed to search music on my cell phone ( old school guy ) either my hard drives and laptop i always leave it at home, thanks for the notice and emails, so i am not dead and not planing to abandon the blog untill blogger close, we hopfully not . 

Well another thing is has passed 18 years since a started the blog believe me its a hobbie that enjoy, sharing the music we love , heres the good news i will post more music on flac format for better enjoyment theres more than a 800 post i did over the years but most of them will be delated to reupload on a flac format or 320klp 

link fixed

Estoy de regreso amantes de la música jamaicana estuve ausente por cuestiones laborales fuera de mi natal ciudad de México pero esto de regreso reparando algunos enlaces que me dieron aviso asi que tengo mas de 800 publicaciones y eliminare muchas para volverlos a subir en mejor calidad en formato flac o minimo en 320 klps , entre otras cosas el blog cumple 18 años asi que estare subiendo muchos mas titulos asi que esten pendientes a ello un saludo cordial . les dejo los enlaces reparados arriba .  

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Delroy Wilson - Better Must Come - Anthology - HQ Repost


Delroy Wilson began his singing career as a teenager at Clement Dodd's Studio One (where seemingly everyone in the Jamaican music business appears to have started out), eventually working with nearly every producer on the island, including Sonia Pottinger, Joe Gibbs, Winston "Niney" Holness, Keith Hudson, Leslie Kong, and Bunny Lee. As he matured, Wilson's voice rounded into a hoarse, smoky tenor that was as soulful a vehicle as Jamaica ever produced, and although he isn't as well known as later singers like Dennis Brown and Gregory Isaacs, his approach and phrasing influenced them all, even Bob Marley. 

This two-disc, 50-track collection covers Wilson's rocksteady era, from 1968 to 1978, and while it doesn't include early sides like his cover of the Tams' "Dancing Mood," it features a solid representation of what was clearly his peak period, especially his work with Bunny Lee, which spawned such classics as "Better Must Come," "Cool Operator," and "Here Come the Heartaches."

 Also worth noting here are the tracks Wilson cut with Keith Hudson, including the odd "Adisababa" (a repatriation anthem based on the melody of "House of the Rising Sun"). 

"False Rasta" (sometimes known as "Rascal Man"), produced by Niney, is another high point, as is Wilson's fantastic cover of Marley's "I'm Still Waiting," produced by Lloyd Charmers.

 Wilson was fascinated by Motown (as was most of Jamaica), and he recorded several of the label's songs, including the subtle redefinitions of "The Same Old Song," "Ain't That Peculiar," "This Old Heart of Mine," "Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever," "Get Ready," and "Baby Don't You Do It" (which Wilson retitled "Can You Remember") that are included here. 

Sort of Jamaica's Marvin Gaye (or perhaps Al Green), Wilson was pivotal in moving the island's music toward its brilliant, skewed, upside-down version of American soul, and his warm, assured phrasing is the equal of any Motown or Stax star. This compilation, concentrating as it does on the singer's best years, is darn near indispensable in assessing his considerable talent.

Tracklist : 

Once Upon A Time

I Want To Love You
(Love Me Forever) 'Til I Die
This Old Heart Of Mine
Give Love A Try
This Life Makes Me Wonder
Put Yourself In My Place
It Hurts
I'm The One Who Loves You
Your Number One
Run Run
I'm Gonna Get You
Show Me The Way
Gave You My Love
Got To Get Away
Drink Wine (Everybody)
Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
I Am Trying
Better Must Come
Try Again
Cool Operator
Come Along
Keep Your True Love Strong
Peace And Love
You Keep On Running
Call On Me
The Same Old Song
Cheer Up
Here Come The Heartaches
Who Cares
Pretty Girl
Ain't That Peculiar
Can I Change My Mind
Live And Learn
Living In The Footsteps (Of Another Man)
Have Some Mercy
Cherry Baby
Can You Remember
Mash Up Illiteracy
False Rasta
It's A Shame
So Long, Jenny
Get Ready
You Must Believe Me
I'm Stil Waiting
Worth Your Weight In Gold
We're All In This Thing Together
Is It Because I'm Black
Consider Yourself

Links are Fixed and Updated Oct 2022

 Hello followers thanks for the notice about dead links, i am still working on some post that i did around 10 years ago or more please be patient i have read all your message and email. thanks for keep in the blog alive !! 

Queridos seguidores antemano gracias por los avisos y los correos sobre los enlaces muertos, creeme que hago todo lo posible para encontrar algunos albums posteados hace mas de 10 años , sean pacientes pronto los volveré a postear . 

List of links updated 

"Merritone Rock Steady 2: This Music Got Soul 1966​-​1967"
Coxsones Music The First Recordings Of Sir Coxsone The Downbeat 1960-62
"Derrick Morgan - The Singles Collection"
"Federal Records -1964-1982 -The Definitve Collection-Repost"
"Rock A Shacka #19: You'll Never Know: 18 Caribou Ska Selection Repost"
Rock A Shacka #16 - Orange Street Special Vol 2 - Repost"
"Laurel Aitken -The Pionner Of Jamaican Music"

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Ska La-Rama: Treasure Isle Ska 1965 to 1966



1 01. Lyn Taitt - Skalarama (The Magnificent Seven Theme) (02:51)

1 02. The Zodiacs - Renegade (02:40)

1 03. Lyn Taitt - Independence Ska (El Pussycat) (02:35)

1 04. Derrick Morgan - Around the Corner (02:49)

1 05. Stranger Cole - Koo Koo Doo (02:12)

1 06. Tommy McCook - Rocket Ship (02:36)

1 07. The Movers - Jo Ann (02:13)

1 08. Baba Brooks & His Band - Duck Soup (02:32)

1 09. Derrick Morgan - I Wish I Were an Apple (02:44)

1 10. Roland Alphonso - Nuclear Weapon (02:56)

1 11. Justin Hinds - Never Too Young (02:32)

1 12. Don Drummond - University Goes Ska (02:46)

1 13. Stranger Cole - Run Joe (02:29)

1 14. The Baba Brooks Band - Teenage Ska (02:41)

1 15. Derrick Morgan - Don't Call Me Daddy (02:33)

1 16. Don Drummond - Thoroughfare (Treasure Isle) (02:50)

1 17. Stranger Cole - Toy Cat (My Pussy) (02:44)

1 18. The Baba Brooks Band - Vitamin A (02:53)

1 19. Dotty & Bonnie - Don't Do It (02:36)

1 20. Don Drummond - Stampede (02:54)

1 21. Stranger Cole - Seven Days (02:37)

1 22. The Clarendonians - You Are a Fool (02:27)

1 23. The Baba Brooks Band - Ska Virginia (Virginia Ska) (02:19)

1 24. The Silvertones - My True Confession (02:43)

1 25. Roland Alphonso - Tribute to Don (02:44)

1 26. The Baba Brooks Band - One Eyed Giant (03:07)


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Ska at The Jamaica Playboy Club

A1 Millie Small – Be My Guest
A2 Carlos Malcolm – Bonanza Ska
A3 The Maytals – Six And Seven Books Of Moses
A4 Jackie Edwards – Sea Cruise
A5 Justin Hinds – Rub Up And Push Up
A6 Keith Stewart with Enid Campbell – Yellow Bird
A7 Millie Small – Carry, Go Bring Come
B1 Millie Small & Jimmy Cliff – Hey Boy Hey Girl
B2 The Blues Busters – Wings Of A Dove
B3 Top Grant – River Bank Coverley
B4 Roy Panton & Millie Small – We'll Meet
B5 Jimmy Cliff – King Of Kings
Written-By – Jimmy Cliff
B6 Tony Washington – Lavender Blue
B7 Ernest Ranglin – Exodus Ska

Diamonds & Pearls - Various Artist - Trojan Records



1.01 - Roy Panton - Marie (2:11)

1.02 - Winston Samuels - You Are the One (2:23)

1.03 - Jimmy James & The Vagabonds - Come to Me Softly (2:59)

1.04 - Lloyd Brevett - One More Time (2:53)

1.05 - Roy Panton - Seek and You'll Find (3:05)

1.06 - The Gaylettes - Don't Believe Her (2:31)

1.07 - Eric Forbes - I Am Not Worthy (2:25)

1.08 - Al T. Joe - Fatso (2:17)

1.09 - Roy & Yvonne - Two Roads (2:21)

1.10 - Jimmy James - (I Love You) Shirley (2:44)

1.11 - Winston Samuels - I'm So Glad (2:50)

1.12 - Don Drummond - Dog War Bossa Nova (2:29)

1.13 - Millie & Roy Panton - Oh Merna (2:34)

1.14 - Dobby Dobson - Cry a Little (2:42)

1.15 - The Beltones - Gloria (Love) (2:21)

1.16 - Baba Brooks - B.B.C. Channel Two (2:38)

1.17 - Roy Panton - Oh Shirley (2:16)

1.18 - Winston Samuels - Luck Will Come My Way (3:09)

1.19 - Jimmy James - Thinking of You (2:17)

1.20 - Al T. Joe - Slow Boat (2:10)

1.21 - Roy Panton - Join Together (2:30)

1.22 - The Gaylettes - Goodbye (2:17)

1.23 - Baba Brooks & His Band - Cork Foot (2:40)

1.24 - Eric Forbes - I've Been Searching (2:25)

1.25 - Roy Panton - Cherita (2:13)

1.26 - Dobby Dobson - Diamonds and Pearls (2:32)

1.27 - Winston Samuels - Follow (2:21)

1.28 - Jimmy James - My Request (2:27)


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King Size Reggae (Expanded Version) (2022) Flac

By the dawn of the Seventies, Leslie Kong’s Beverley’s Records was firmly established as Jamaica’s premier record label, having secured a series of major international hits by some of the island’s finest talents.

Having secured rights to Kong’s output the previous year, London-based reggae giant, Trojan Records, had wasted little time showcasing the Kingston-based producer’s work on a series of 7” singles and albums.
Among the LPs to see issue in 1970 were two ‘various artist’ compilations: the recently reissued “Hot Shots Of Reggae” and the equally sought-after “King Size Reggae”.
Available on CD for the first time ever, the latter features some of the finest Jamaican recordings of the period, with the track-listing bolstered by no less than 19 Leslie Kong-produced bonus tracks, many of which appear on CD for the first time.
A perfect companion to the “Hot Shots Of Reggae” CD, or simply a superb stand-alone collection in its own right, this long overdue release is an essential purchase for fans seeking the best in classic reggae sounds.

1.01 - The Gaylads - (God Loves You) Soul Sister (3:01)
1.02 - Ken Boothe - It's Gonna Take a Miracle (2:26)
1.03 - Bruce Ruffin - The Bitterness of Life (2:38)
1.04 - The Melodians - (Come) Rock It With Me (2:55)
1.05 - The Pioneers - Money Day (2:21)
1.06 - Delroy Wilson - Gave You My Love (2:49)
1.07 - Ken Boothe - Now I Know (2:28)
1.08 - Tony Brevett, The Melodians - The Staircase of Time (2:37)
1.09 - The Gaylads - Tell the Children the Truth (2:37)
1.10 - Bruce Ruffin - Cecilia (2:09)
1.11 - The Tennors - I Can Remember (2:59)
1.12 - Delroy Wilson - Got to Get Away (2:35)
1.13 - Tyrone Evans, Bruce Ruffin - I'm a True Believer (2:50)
1.14 - The Epics - I'm Black (2:32)
1.15 - Ansel Collins - Night Flight (Sentimental Journey) (3:12)
1.16 - Bruce Ruffin - Who's Gonna Be Your Man (2:53)
1.17 - Glen Brown - Collie and Wine (2:13)
1.18 - The Beverley's All Stars - The Monster (2:40)
1.19 - Clarendonians - Baby Don't You Do It (2:31)
1.20 - The Tennors - You Were so Much in Love (2:42)
1.21 - Bruce Ruffin - Ooh Child (2:49)
1.22 - The Slickers - Run Fattie (2:06)
1.23 - Dave, Ansel Collins - Fat Cat (2:08)
1.24 - The Kingstonians - I'm Gonna Make It (2:23)
1.25 - Tyrone Evans, Bruce Ruffin - Let Them Say (3:38)
1.26 - The Epics - The Bells of Freedom (2:30)
1.27 - Bruce Ruffin - Candida (3:20)
1.28 - Ansel Collins - Bull Rush (2:33)



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The Dubmaster: The Essential Anthology - 2022 - FLAC


Dennis Bovell's role in the evolution of British reggae is massive. 
He became active in South London's reggae circles in the late '60s, running a sound system, working as a producer, playing guitar and bass on various tracks, and eventually releasing forward-thinking dub albums of his own under the name Blackbeard. 
Bovell's work continued without pause from his early days into the next 50 years, and he explored everything from lovers rock to dub to helping shape the sound of post-punk groups who were taking cues from dub's unbridled experimentalism. 
Dubmaster: The Essential Anthology culls stunning tracks from across Bovell's lengthy career, presenting a thorough overview of how both his solo work and his specific brand of production have grown over time. The 38-track compilation is split into two halves, the first of which focuses on Bovell's songs and dub mixes under his own name, and the second half consisting of songs he produced for other artists. His music takes the form of tender, harmony-heavy lovers rock tunes like "Choose Me," mellow roots tracks like "Run Dem Out" or "Run Rasta Run," and material from later on in his discography like the sentimental "Caught You in a Lie." Bovell's style as a dub mixer is one of the more outlandish and boundary-pushing of the dub producers who made their names in the '70s. He's all over the place with rivers of echo and reverb processing on the horn-heavy "The Grunwick Affair," and only gets more frantic on the nervous rhythms of "Chief Inspector" or the vaporous deconstruction of "Eye Water (Raindrops Dub)."
 Bovell innovated as a producer for other artists as well, melding reggae's steady sway with disco hi-hats and synths on Janet Kay's 1979 hit "Silly Games" and giving tracks by Delroy Wilson and Marie Pierre a pop sheen. Dubmaster: The Essential Anthology throws light on many of the hats Bovell has worn over the years, showcasing how his curiosity and willingness to approach songs from unlikely angles appear in almost everything he touches.


1.01 - Dennis Bovell, African Stone - Run Rasta Run (2:52)
1.02 - Dennis Bovell, The 4th Street Orchestra - Za-Ion (2:27)
1.03 - Dennis Bovell, The 4th Street Orchestra - Half Way to Za-Ion (Za-lon Dub) (2:39)
1.04 - Dennis Bovell, Dennis Curtis - Come With Me (3:28)
1.05 - Dennis Bovell, The 4th Street Orchestra - Run Dem Out (2:52)
1.06 - Dennis Bovell, Dennis Matumbi - Raindrops (3:51)
1.07 - Dennis Bovell - Eye Water (Raindrops Dub) (3:32)
1.08 - Dennis Bovell - Blood Ah Go Run / Blood Dem (12" Mix) (7:10)
1.09 - Dennis Bovell, The 4th Street Orchestra - The Grunwick Affair (3:57)
1.10 - Dennis Bovell, African Stone - Choose Me (3:44)
1.11 - Dennis Bovell, The 4th Street Orchestra - Row, Row, Row (Rowing Down the River) (7:02)
1.12 - Dennis Bovell - Brain Damage (2:03)
1.13 - Dennis Bovell - Chief Inspector (2:30)
1.14 - Dennis Bovell, The Dub Band - Dub Master (3:48)
1.15 - Dennis Bovell, The Dub Band - Pow Wow (3:30)
1.16 - Dennis Bovell - Silly Dub (4:37)
1.17 - Dennis Bovell - Oh Mama Oh Papa (7" Mix) (3:30)
1.18 - Dennis Bovell - Pickin' Up the Pieces (4:02)
1.19 - Dennis Bovell - Caught You in a Lie (3:14)
1.20 - Dennis Bovell - After Tonight (3:28)
1.21 - Janet Kay - Silly Games (3:58)
1.22 - Errol Dunkley, Julio 'Dreadful' Finn - A Little Way Different / Differentah (feat. Julio 'Dreadful' Finn) (6:11)
1.23 - Errol Campbell - Jah Man (3:42)
1.24 - Errol Campbell - Jah Man Dub (3:37)
1.25 - Angelique - Cry (4:11)
1.26 - Good Breed - Heights (3:39)
1.27 - I Roy - Get Up Stand Up (3:38)
1.28 - Marie Pierre - Our Tune (5:57)
1.29 - Captain Morgan & His Merry Men - Tom Hark (3:25)
1.30 - Pebbles - Positive Vibrations (3:47)
1.31 - Errol Campbell - African Queen (3:16)
1.32 - Joshua Moses - Africa (Is Our Land) (5:56)
1.33 - The Young Lions - Take Five (4:29)
1.34 - Gladwin Wright - Portrait of You (5:22)
1.35 - Delroy Wilson - Hooked On You (5:01)
1.36 - Johnny Clarke - Guide Us, Jah (3:34)
1.37 - Julio 'Dreadful' Finn - Nasty (4:44)
1.38 - Marie Pierre - Can't Go Through (W/ Life) [Dancehall Version] (4:30)

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Lee "Scratch" Perry* – Chicken Scratch CD edition 2008


Of all the reissues from Lee Perry's early career, this is the most illuminating, because it captures the youthful Perry (in his early 20s) singing ska music. Backed by the phenomenal Skatalites, featuring trombonist Don Drummond, saxophonists Tommy McCook and Roland Alphonso, and keyboardist Jackie Mittoo, Perry belts out such Studio One ska/pop classics as "Please Don't Go," "Man to Man" (featuring backing vocals by the very youthful trio of Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer, and Peter Tosh), and "Solid as a Rock." The songs skitter along, filled to the brim with exuberance, and the Skatalites (as usual) are a joy to hear, banging out double-time rhythms with reckless abandon. Adding to the fun are female backing vocalists the Soulettes and the Dynamites, the former featuring Bob Marley's wife Rita.

Tracklist : 
1.Lee Perry–Feel Like Jumping (Original Single Mix, Previously Unreleased On CD)
2.Lee Perry–Chicken Scratch 
3.Lee Perry & The Soulettes–Please Don't Go (Original Single Mix, Previously Unreleased On CD)
4.Lee Perry–Solid As A Rock
5.Lee Perry & The Soulettes–By Saint Peter (Original Single Mix, Previously Unreleased On CD)
6.Lee Perry–Tackoo
7.Lee Perry & The Dynamites–Roast Duck
8.Lee Perry & The Wailers–Hand To Hand (Original Single Mix, Previously Unreleased On CD)
9.Lee "King Scratch" Perry* & The Dynamites–Gumma (Original Single Mix, Previously Unreleased On CD)
10.Lee Perry–Rape Bait Aka Jane Ann And The Pumpkin (Original Single Mix, Previously Unreleased On CD)
11.Lee Perry–Just Keep It Up (Original Single Mix, Previously Unreleased On CD)
12.Lee "King" Perry*–Open Up (Cook Book) Aka Puss In Bag (Original Single Mix, Previously Unreleased On CD)
13.Lee Perry–Mother In Law (Original Single Mix, Previously Unreleased On CD)
14.Lee Perry–Madhead (Original Single Mix, Previously Unreleased On CD)
15.Lee "King" Perry*–Help The Weak (Original Single Mix, Previously Unreleased On CD)
16.Lee Perry–Cannot Wrong (And Get Right ) (Original Single Mix, Previously Unreleased On CD)
17.Lee Perry & The Dynamites–John Tom (Original Single Mix, Previously Unreleased On CD)
18.Lee "King" Perry* & The Gaylads–Run Rudie Run
19.Lee Perry–Welcome Aboard

Errol Dunkley – The Early Years -1964-1973 CD 1995


Dunkley's recording career began in 1965, when he was 14, with "Gypsy" (a duet with Roy Shirley) for Linden Pottinger's Gaydisc label, "My Queen" (with Junior English) for Prince Buster, and "Love Me Forever" on the Rio label.[2] From 1967 to 1968, he recorded several singles for Joe Gibbs, including "Please Stop Your Lying" (1967) and "Love Brother" (1968), before switching to Coxsone Dodd in 1969.[3]

In the early 1970s, with Gregory Isaacs, he formed the African Museum record label. Isaacs soon took sole control of the label, and Dunkley formed Silver Ring, a new label. In 1972, he teamed up with producer Jimmy Radway for two of his most popular singles, "Keep the Pressure Down" and "Black Cinderella". The same year saw the release of Dunkley's debut album, Presenting Errol Dunkley, produced by Sonia Pottinger, which included the track "A Little Way Different".

Dunkley continued to record throughout the 1970s and toward the end of the decade his popularity in the UK grew, resulting in a breakthrough UK Singles Chart hit in 1979 with "OK Fred", a cover version of a song written by John Holt, that reached number 11.[4] His 1980 release "Sit Down And Cry" also reached the charts.

Dunkley re-recorded "OK Fred", his biggest hit, in 1996 with Queen Sister 

Tracklist : 
1.My Queen
2.Love Me Forever
3.You're Gonna Need Me
4.Stop Your Lying Girl
5.Seek And You'll Find
6.The Scorcher
7.I Am Not The Man For You
8.Love Brother Love Sister
11.My Party
12.Why Did You Do It
13.One Love
14.Smile Like
15.Where Must I Go
16.My Special Prayer

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The Gladiators - Studio One Singles - 2007 - Repost !!


Track List: 

1.Fling It Gimme
4.Dub Ina Babylon
5.Dub Ina Babylon
6.A Prayer To Thee
7.Version Of Prayer
8.Boy In Long Pants
9.Boy In Long Pants Part Two
10.Bongo Red
11.Bongo Version
12.Beautiful Locks
13.Sufferation Version
14.Roots Natty
16.Mister Baldwin
17.Mister Baldwin Part 2
18.Big Boo Boo Day
19.Boo Boo Day Version
20.Pretending 12"
21.Don't Fool The Young Girls
22.Don't Fool The Young Girls Version
23.Happy Man 12"

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Studio One Dub Fire Special - Repost !! 2023 New Link

Studio One Dub Fire Special' brings together 18 heavyweight dub cuts, all recorded at 13 Brentford Road in the 1970s. 
Featuring a stellar selection of dub cuts to classic and foundation songs recorded at Studio One with music from the legendary in-house bands - The Sound Dimension, New Establishment, Soul Defenders and Brentford All-Stars - featuring the likes of reggae's finest musicians - Jackie Mittoo, Leroy Sibbles, Cedric Brooks, Freddie McGregor and more. These fresh dub sounds employed the mighty mixing desk skills of The Dub Specialist, aka Clement 'Sir Coxsone' Dodd, Sylvan Morris and Scientist to full effect. Studio One Dub Fire Special features our latest chapter of raw, stripped-down bass and drum sounds direct from Studio One, 'the University of Reggae'.


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