Journal Ska #13 Segunda Temporada Podcast

1. Vespa Ska – Melbourne ska orchestra – Australia
2. The Steadytones – Ride the Girafe – Alemania
3. Renunciar – Root Diamoods – España
4. 06 – Saludo – Sao Paulo Ska Jazz – Brasil
5. Curly moon serenade – Hakase sun – Japón
6. “ARASHI NO YORU” by HAKASE SUN meets Ska Jazz Messengers – Japón/Venesuela
7. Love and affection – Western Standar Time Orchestra – EUA
8. Hard man fe dead – North east ska jazz orchestra – Italia


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LLOYD CHARMERS - The Best of Lloyd Charmers (2016)

 After a successful career as a vocalist in the Charmers and Uniques vocal groups, Lloyd 'Charmers' Tyrell made his mark as one of Jamaica's most influential record producers. From 1969 to 1973, he produced and released an array of local hits on his Splash Records label, featuring himself along with some of the island's leading performers, most notably Ken Boothe, Bob Andy and BB Seaton. The best of these works were subsequently gathered on the two Trojan vinyl LPs that comprise this deluxe 2CD set: 'The Best Of Lloyd Charmers' and 'Lloyd Charmers In Session'. First issued in 1973 and 1974, respectively, these two highly collectable albums both finally make their CD debut on this stunning 2CD set. Featuring numerous tracks new to CD, this long overdue anthology of Lloyd Charmers' early output adeptly demonstrates why he is still widely regarded as one of the most capable and original talents Jamaica has ever produced.

Disco 1
01 Cloudburst - Lloyd Charmers & The Hippy Boys
02 One Big Unhappy Family - Lloyd Charmers
03 Look-Ka-Py Py (aka Reggae a Bye Bye) - Lloyd Charmers & The Hippy Boys
04 The Sweeter She Is (Longer Pain Will Last) - Dave Barker & The Charmers
05 Colour Him, Father - Lloyd Charmers
06 Oh Me Oh My (I'm a Fool for You, Baby) - Lloyd Charmers
07 I'm Gone (aka Version of Love) - Lloyd Charmers & Hortense Ellis
08 Love I Madly - Bongo Tony Binns
09 Africa Is Paradise - The Conscious Minds
10 I Can't Get Next to You - Dave Barker & The Charmers
11 One Woman - Lloyd Charmers
12 Humpty Dumpty - Bongo Tony Binns
13 Birth Control - Lloydie & The Lowbites
14 Dollars and Bonds - Lloyd Charmers
15 Going in Circles - Bobby Davis & The Sensations
16 The Premesis (aka Big Five) - Lloyd Charmers
17 Musical Shower (aka Coming On Strong) - Bongo Tony Binns
18 I've Gotta Get a Message to You - Dave Barker & The Charmers
19 Soul of England (aka Brixton) - The Jokers
20 Skinhead Train - The Charmers
21 Music Talk - Karl Walker & The Charmers
22 Ever Strong - Bongo Tony Binns
23 Shaft - Lloyd Charmers
24 Blue Moon - Guts McGeorge
25 Ready Talk (aka Jamaican Reggae) (I Love You Madly) - Lloyd Charmers, Karl Walker
26 Reggae in Wonderland (Wonderland By Night) - Lloyd Charmers

Disco 2
01 Play Me - Lloyd Charmers
02 Save Their Souls (aka Save the People) - Lloyd Charmers & The Messengers
03 Thula Thula - The Messengers
04 A Lover's Quarrel - B.B. Seaton & The Messengers
05 I'll Be Your Shelter (In Time of Storm) (aka Just Like a Shelter aka I'll See You Through) - B.B. Seaton & The Messengers
06 Crowded City - Ken Boothe & The Messengers
07 Cherie Baby (aka Sherry) - Ken Boothe & The Messengers
08 Mother Mary (aka Take a Message to Mary) - Lloyd Charmers & The Now Generation
09 Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again) - Lloyd Charmers
10 I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little Bit More - Lloyd Charmers
11 Just As Long As You Need Me - Busty Brown
12 Doggone Right - Bobby Davis
13 I Love You Madly - Busty Brown
14 Going In Circles - Lloyd Charmers
15 Since I Lost My Baby - Bob Andy
16 Baby I Need Your Loving - Bob Andy
17 Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) - Dave Barker
18 Stoned In Love - The Chosen Few
19 Salvation Train - Scotty & The Now Generation
20 Have I Sinned - Lloyd Charmers
21 Children of the Night - The Chosen Few
22 Take a Message to Mary - Ken Parker
23 You Are Everything - Lloyd Charmers & Hortense Ellis
24 It's Too Late - The Chosen Few

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Ken Boothe / Everything I Own: The Lloyd Charmers Sessions 1971-1976

Jamaican singer Ken Boothe‘s body of work with producer Lloyd Charmers is collected in Everything I Own: The Lloyd Charmers Sessions 1971-1976.

This is a sizeable 47-track collection that brings together five of Boothe’s UK and Jamaican albums (four previously unissued on CD) and of course takes its name from the singer’s version of David Gates’ Everything I Own, which was a UK number one in 1974 (and again 13 years later for Boy George).
Ken Boothe on Top of the Pops in 1974

Boothe managed another UK top 20 hit with Everything I Own follow-up Crying Over You and over the years since, the singer has remained at the forefront of the Jamaican music scene.

Disc: 1
1. Out Of Love
2. Into Drums And Bass
3. Missing You
4. And The Rest Of The Instruments
5. Look What You’ve Done To Me
6. You’ve Broken The Guitar
7. Second Chance
8. To Get Rhythm
9. Ain’t No Sunshine
10. Only Precaution
11. Have I Sinned
12. Black Gold And Green
13. Suzie Q
14. That’s The Way Nature Planned It
15. My Love
16. Ooh Wee Baby I Love You
17. Come Softly To Me
18. Whole World’s Down On Me
19. That’s The Way Nature Planned It, Part 2
20. Rasta Never Fails
21. Sherry
22. Crowded City
23. Is It Because I’m Black
24. Now You Can See Me Again

Disc: 2
1. Everything I Own
2. I’m Falling in Love With You
3. Everything I Own
4. Crying Over You
5. The Impossible Dream
6. Sandie
7. Is It Because I’m Black
8. Down By The River
9. Playground in My Mind
10. (You’re) Leaving Me
11. Let’s Get It On
12. African Lady
13. Walk Away From Love
14. Silver Words
15. Blood Brothers
16. Love Don’t Love Nobody
17. I’m Singing Home
18. Mammy Blue
19. I Shot The Sheriff
20. I Don’t Want To See You Cry
21. No Woman No Cry
22. Freedom Day
23. Let Go

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Keith Hudson - Tuff Gong Encounter

Keith Hudson - Tuff Gong Encounter

Languishing in the vaults for over thirty years, here are the six tracks that the legendary Keith Hudson recorded at Tuff Gong with the Wailers rhythm section Carlton and Family Man Barrett on drums and bass respectively.  These tracks were intended for an album that never came as Hudson succumbed to cancer and passed away in November 1984.  The Barrett brothers were augmented by fellow Wailers Junior Marvin on guitar and Tyrone Downie on keys.  The tracks were engineered at Tuff Gong at the time by Oswald Palmer and have been sympathetically mixed prior to this release by King Jammy, who has also mixed dubwise variations for each track.  Its a fascinating album, the Wailers sound is intact and evocative and Hudson's songs are full of typically incisive lyrical couplets, his unique voice emerging from the years in obscurity with vivid life.  The story is told in the detailed booklet notes by one Vincent Ellis.  A fitting and deserved epitaph for the great Keith Hudson.

Track Listing:

1. I Know My Rights
2. White Africa
3. Run Run Run
4. Rebel Rasta
5. Starlight
6. I Know My Rights (Version 2)
7. Rites Of Dub
8. Dub Africa
9. Run The Version
10. Rasta Dub
11. Star Dub
12. Rites Of Version


Jamaica Allstars - Dubbing Right Tracks 2016


01. Swing Easy Dub 03:45
02. Jump in Dubbing 03:39
03. Mama Dub 03:05
04. On the Last Dub 03:38
05. Redemption Song Dub 04:40
06. Road Never End Dub 04:00
07. Drink Milk Dub 03:34
08. See Dem a Come Dub 04:38
09. Skaing Dub 04:51
10. Revolution Rock Dub 03:30
11. Tour Ending Dub 03:46
12. What a Night Dub 03:18

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Bob Andy - The Music Inside Me (1976) Vinyl Ripp

Bob Andy - The Music Inside Me
A1 Make Mine Music   
A2 Nyah   
A3 Let Them Say   
A4 Hell A Go Broke Loose   
A5 Desparate Lover   
B1 The Music Inside Me   
B2 Check It Out   
B3 Fire Burning   
B4 Rock It Down   
B5 Feeling Soul
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Bunny Lee's Kingston Flying Cymbals: Dubbing With the Flying Cymbals Sound 1974-1979

Bunny Lee's flying cymbals or flyers rhythms dominated the dancehalls and the charts in 1974 and 1975. The style, based on Philadelphia disco and featuring the sound of an open and closed hi-hat, was not necessarily novel, but Lee's use of a number of different elements most certainly was. Johnny Clarke's 1975 interpretation of Earl Zero's "None Shall Escape the Judgement" opened the floodgates for the flyers style. The story had begun the previous year with Lowell "Sly" Dunbar: "Sly played the flying cymbals first... I said to Sly, 'You played it on the Delroy Wilson tune for Channel One named 'It's a Shame' and Sly played it before that with Skin, Flesh & Bones on 'Here I Am Baby (Come and Take Me),' the Al Green tune... with the 'tsk, tsk, tsk' sound on the hi-hat, I named it flyers, but they didn't know what flyers was!" --Lee. Before too long, "every tune we put out we put the rhythm behind it," and every Kingston producer followed suit with their own variations of Striker's flying cymbals rhythms...

Track list :

1. This A The Best Version
2. Believe In Dub
3. Botheration Dub
4. Feel So Good Dub
5. General Dub
6. Get Ready For The Master Dub
7. A Moving Version
8. God Father Dub
9. Behold Dis Ya Dub Of Class
10. Sunny Dub
11. Judah Dub
12. Another Version
13. Talkative Dub
14. Revenge Of The Flying Cymbals
15. Dub Magnificent*
16. Dub From The Roots*
17. A Closer Dub*
18. Dub You Can Feel

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Alton Ellis - Soul Train Is Coming -All Tone -Rock A Shacka #17

Rock A Shacka #17
Track List

1.Alton Ellis- My Time Is The Right Time
2.Alton Ellis- I Love You Girl
3.Alton Ellis- Denvor
4.Alton Ellis- Keep On Yearing
5.Alton Ellis- Again
6.Alton Ellis- Dedication Big News
7.Alton Ellis- Big News
8.Alton Ellis- Baby Talk
9.Alton Ellis-Johnny Moore - tribute to sir alex

10.Alton Ellis- Past Time
11.Alton Ellis - Soul Train is Coming
12.Alton Ellis A little Bit More
13.Alton Ellis I Dont Know Why
14.Alton Ellis -Its Alright Girl
15.Hortense Ellis - Love is the Key
16.Hortense Ellis - I miss you so
17.Alton Ellis Wild World
18.Alton Ellis -If i Had the right
19.Alton Ellis - Bam bye 



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Various - Treasure Isle Pieces Of Eight -Vinyl Ripp

Various - Treasure Isle: Pieces Of Eight (Trojan) 8 x 7" Vinyl Box Set

Fabulous box set containing eight slices of classic Duke Reid ska thrillers

Single 1:
The Zodiacs With The Baba Brooks Band - Renegade
/ Baba Brooks Band - Duck Soup

Single 2:
The Sensations With Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - The Last Time
/ Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - Portrait To Don

Single 3:
The Rio Grandes - Samphey Man
/ The Baba Brooks Band - Special Event

Single 4:
Alton Ellis & The Flames With The Baba Brooks Band - Dont Trouble People
/ The Baba Brooks Band - Alcatraz

Single 5:
The Sensations With The Baba Brooks Band - I Found My Love
/ The Baba Brooks Band - Western Flyer

Single 6:
Lester Sterling With The Baba Brooks Band - So Long
/ Justin Hinds & The Dominoes With The Baba Brooks Band - After A Storm

Single 7:
The Tecniques With The Baba Brooks Band - What You Gonna Do
/  Roland Alphonso With baba Brooks Band - Tribute to Don

Single 8:
Justin Hinds And The Dominoes - Teach The Youth
/ Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - Windfall


This Is Trojan 2015

Track List :

01 Desmond Dekker & The Aces - Israelites
02 Dave & Ansel Collins - Double Barrel
03 Nicky Thomas - Love Of The Common People
04 Harry J All Stars - Liquidator
05 The Maytals - Monkey Man
06 Tony Tribe - Red Red Wine
07 Bob & Marcia - Young, Gifted & Black
08 The Pioneers - Let Your Year Be Yeah
09 John Holt - Help Me Make It Through The Night
10 Horace Faith - Black Pearl
11 Greyhound - Black And White
12 Bruce Ruffin - Rain
13 Dandy Livingstone - Suzanne Beware Of The Devil
14 The Melodians - Sweet Sensation
15 The Upsetters - Return Of Django
16 Desmond Dekker & The Aces - 0.0.7 Shanty Town
17 Ken Boothe - Everything I Own
18 Susan Cadogan - Hurt So Good
19 Boris Gardiner - I Wanna Wake Up With You
20 Sophia George - Girlie Girlie

01 Althea & Donna - Uptown Top Ranking
02 Errol Dunkley - Ok Fred
03 Dennis Brown - Money In My Pocket
04 Boris Gardiner - You're Everything To Me
05 Desmond Dekker & The Aces - It Mek
06 Symarip - Skinhead Moonstomp
07 The Pioneers - Longshot Kick De Bucket
08 The Maytals - 54-46 Was My Number
09 Lord Creator - Kingston Town
10 Winston Groovy - Please Don't Make Me Cry
11 The Slickers - Johnny Too Bad
12 Freddie Notes & The Rudies - Montego Bay
13 Bob & Marcia - Pied Piper
14 Greyhound - Moon River
15 Ken Boothe - Crying Over You
16 Rupie Edwards - Ire Feelings (Skanga)
17 Desmond Dekker - Sing A Little Song
18 Bruce Ruffin - Mad About You
19 The Hot Shots - Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron
20 Pluto Shervington - Dat

01 Desmond Dekker - You Can Get It If You Really Want
02 The Paragons - The Tide Is High
03 Dandy - Rudy A Message To You
04 Dave & Ansel Collins - Monkey Spanner
05 The Melodians - Rivers Of Babylon
06 Boris Gardner - Elizabethan Reggae
07 The Ethiopians - Train To Skaville
08 Rudy Mills - John Jones
09 Keith & Tex - Stop That Train
10 Phyllis Dillon - Perfidia
11 Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Carry Go Bring Come
12 Lord Tanamo - I'm In The Mood For Ska
13 Pluto Shervington - Ram Goat Liver
14 Tito Simon - This Monday Morning Feeling
15 Greyhound - I Am What I Am
16 Rupie Edwards - Lego Skanga
17 Desmond Dekker & Aces - Pickney Gal
18 The Upsetters - Dollar In The Teeth
19 Derrick Morgan - Moon Hop
20 Tommy Mccook & The Supersonics - Reggae Merengue


The Gaylads ‎– Sunshine Is Golden -Vinyl Ripp -Coxsone

A1 Hill And Gully    
A2 Kingston Market    
A3 Yellow Bird    
A4 Baley Mania    
A5 Island Woman    
A6 Yesterday    
B1 Jamaica Farewell    
B2 These Are The Times    
B3 Janey Girl    
B4 Sunshine Is Golden    
B5 Sounds Of Africa    
B6 Big Bamboo

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Duke & His Jamaica Five -Kalypso & SKA Vinyl Ripp


A1 Land Of The Sea And Sun    
A2 Blood Shot Eyes    
A3 When The Saints    
A4 Hungry Woman    
A5 Sammy Dead    
A6 Wings Of A Dove    
B1 Tomato    
B2 One Time    
B3 Yes, Yes    
B4 Chi-Chi Bud    
B5 Chinese Children    
B6 Shame And Scandal

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Laurel Aitken & friends - The Original Cool Jamaican SKA [1964] Vinyl Ripp

A1 –Laurel Aitkin* Fire    
A2 –Vic Brown's Combo* My Old Kentucky Home    
A3 –Bobby Aitkin* It Takes A Friend    
A4 –Laurel Aitkin* Freedom Train    
A5 –Laurel Aitkin*    Peace Perfect Peace    
A6 –Alan Martin  Tell Me    
A7 –Bobby Aitkin*     Please Go Back    
B1 –Laurel Aitkin*    Bad-Minded Woman    
B2 –Laurel Aitkin*    Devil Or Angel    
B3 –Laurel Aitkin*    You Are My Sunshine    
B4 –Bobby Aitkin* I've Told You    
B5 –Laurel Aitkin* Home Town    
B6 –Laurel Aitkin* Life    
B7 –Laurel Aitkin* Adam And Eve    
B8 –Bobby Aitkin* Devil Woman

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Listen Up ! Ska

A1 –The Skatalites-Ska-Boo- Da-Ba    
A2 –The Skatalites -Alley Cat    
A3 –Johnny Moore -Red Is Danger    
A4 –The Skatalites- Cool Smoke    
A5 –Roland Alphonso -Non Stop    
A6 –The Skatalites-Stampede    
A7 –The Skatalites-Nuclear Weapon    
B1 –The Skatalites-China Clipper    
B2 –The Skatalites-Ali Pang    
B3 –Johnny Moore-Yogi Man    
B4 –The Skatalites-Throughfare    
B5 –The Skatalites-Gohst Town    
B6 –The Skatalites-Surftide Seven    
B7 –The Skatalites-Magnificient Ska


Ska As One

¡Soy un ser humano maldita sea!  ¡Mi vida tiene valor!

Que hay Carnalitos, de nuevo aquí posteando material que nos está llegando a los correos. En esta ocasión tengo el gusto de presentarles a una banda que llega a nosotros directamente del norte de la península ibérica.

Ellos son nada más ni menos que Ska As One!!!! Un sonido Ska fusión y fresco, con letras que seguro les van a gustar.

Espero les guste y recuerden que si tienen algún proyecto que deseen compartir con gusto estamos a sus órdenes, también recuerden que nuestra política es de difusión y si en esta labor agraviamos sus intereses con gusto estamos también para responder a sus solicitudes.

Artista/Banda: Ska As One
País: España
Álbum:  Ska As One


Batería: Víctor
Bajo: Paco
Guitarra: Oscar
Saxo Tenor: Jairo
Saxo Alto: Jorge
Trompeta: Nerea
Trombón: Juankar
Teclado: Diego
Voz: Teis

“Hola somos una banda de Ska de burgos España, Os enviamos nuestro nuevo disco para que lo pongais en vuestra pagina, gracias y un saludo”

Descarga aquí ---> Descarga aquí!


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Journal Ska - 2.3 Presenta Baked Ala Ska

Journal Ska Segunda temporada 2.3
Baked Ala Ska - Gas Mark 2015
Desde la cuidad de Machester U.K
Track List :
1: Chasing Ghost
2: Sputnik
3: Everything but Love
4: Bonus Track (The Lady is a Tramp )
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Peter Tosh & Friends - An Upsetters Showcase

1. Peter Tosh - 400 Years
2. Peter Tosh - No Sympathy
3. Peter Tosh - Brand New Second Hand (Version 1)
4. Peter Tosh Downpressor
5. U Roy - Dreamland
6. Big Youth - Moving Version
7. Dave Barker & Charlie Ace - Shocks 71
8. Johnny Lover - Like It Like This
9. Carl Dawkins - Picture On The Wall
10. Dave Barker - Upsetting Station
11. Dave Barker -Don t Let The Sun Catch You Crying
12. Dave Barker - What A Confusion
13. Carl Dawkins - True Love
14. Carl Dawkins - Cloud Nine
15. Peter Tosh - Brand New Second Hand (Version 2)
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Jimmy London - Bridge Over Troubled Waters (A little Love ) CD Edicion

Track List
1. Bridge Over Troubled Water
2. Shake A Hand
3. Just My Imagination
4. Jamboree
5. I’m Hanging Up My Heart For You
6. A Little Love
7. Make The Night A Little Longer
8. Walk With Love
9. It’s Now Or Never
10. They Don’t Know
11. Love Is A Hurting Thing
12. Come See About Me
13. Since I’ve Been Away
14. I’ll Never Find Another You
15. ‘Till I Kissed You
16. Cathy’s Clown
17. Tender Love 
 By Jo-Ann Greene
Former Inspiration Trevor Shaw struck off on his own in 1971, linking up with producer Clive Chin and unleashing a steady stream of solo singles under the alias Jimmy London. "Bridge Over Troubled Water" was one of his first, a splendidly reggae-fied cover of the Simon & Garfunkel classic. The tempo may be perky, the riffing bright and brash, but the backing is given serious gravitas by the elegant trombone solos that swell majestically across the grooves. London approaches the song with the same intensity, delivering up the lyrics with poise and utter sincerity, his sweet tones promising deliverance with almost religious fervor, creating an aura that hovers close to that of a cathedral. Not your typical early reggae cover by any stretch of the imagination, and thus it's no wonder the single proved popular in the U.K., and was included within the Trojan label's Tighten Up series.
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Tommy McCook - Top Secret

 Tracklist :
Green Mango
Top Secret
Wild Bunch
Green Apple
Jungle Skank
West Street Special
Big Bad & Bold
Midnight Time
Mistic Mood
Walk On The Side *
Hot Shot *
Watch This Music *
Sweet Soul Special *
 By Rick Anderson
This reissue is being marketed as a ska classic, which is understandable since Tommy McCook was a charter member of the Skatalites and, therefore, one of the primary architects of the ska sound. However, Top Secret is actually more of a document of the rocksteady period, when the galloping tempos of ska were slowing and the rhythm was congealing into the elastic groove that would slow even further over the next couple of years, until it settled into the one-drop beat that characterized early reggae. Accompanied by such top-flight musicians as drummer Lloyd Knibbs, guitarist Jah Jerry, bassist Lloyd Brevett, and organist Jackie Mittoo, McCook recorded these brilliant sides at Duke Reid's Treasure Isle studio in 1969; the album has been out of print for years and is here reissued with four previously unreleased bonus tracks. The sound quality is better than you'd have any right to expect, and the musical quality is so consistently high that it's a little bit difficult to pick out highlight tracks -- though the proto-reggae strut of "Jungle Skank" is particularly nice, as are the twin saxophone harmonies on "Hot Shot." Highly recommended.
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The Legendary Studio One Records- Requests

A1     Skatalites, The –     Ball Of Fire       
A2     Heptones, The –     I'm Your Man       
A3     Lone Ranger –     Everything She Want       
A4     Horace Andy –     New Broom       

B1     Michigan & Smiley –     Rub A Dub Style (12" Mix)       
B2     Maytals, The –     Treat Me Bad       
B3     Freddie McKay –     Watch Your Step       
B4     Pablove Black* –     Mr. Music       

C1     Wailing Souls –     Run My People       
C2     Willie Williams* –     Master Plan       
C3     Skatalites, The –     Fidel Castro       
C4     Marcia Griffiths –     Hold You Tight       
C5     Dub Specialist –     Sitting With Stupid   

D1     Prince Jazzbo –     Rock For Dub       
D2     Super And Sleepy –     Enemy       
D3     Dub Specialist –     Luanda       
D4     Doreen Schaeffer* –     This Love       
D5     Ernest Ranglin –     Ranglin Doddlin'


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Bunny Striker Lee & Friends - Next Cut! Dub Plates, Rare Sides & Unreleased Cuts

Great compilation of rare and unreleased mid to late seventies Striker Lee material containing some tuff dub mixes of otherwise familiar material.  Highlights include Barrington Spence's Blood Of Babylon, previously only issued as a track featuring I Roy on his 1975 Virgin release Crisis Time, a different take of Wayne Jarrett's ultra heavy Satta Dread and Linval Thompson's Big Big Girl / Ethiopian Girl featuring studio chat and false starts, it's monumental rhythm also used for Tommy McCook's Death Trap which appears here with the "steppers" drum overdub, originally issued as a track on one of McCook's mid-seventies instrumental LP's.  Lee's productions are indeed ubiquitous yet thi album does indeed offer something fresh to even the most jaded of listeners.

Review From :   http://www.dubvendor.co.uk/

Track listing:

1. Johnny Clarke - Down In Babylon aka Live Up Jah Man (unreleased alternate cut)
2. Barrington Spence - Blood Of Babylon (unreleased dubplate cut)
3. Aggrovators - Blood Of Babylon Dub (unreleased dubplate mix)
4. Vin Gordon & The Aggrovators - Enforcement
5. Tommy McCook - Death Trap (steppers cut)
6. Linval Thompson - Big Big Girl (previously unreleased mix)
7. Linval Thompson - Ethiopian Girl (previously unreleased mix)
8. Johnny Clarke & DJ - Blood Dunza (unreleased dubplate mix)
9. Barry Biggs & Tommy McCook - Tapetone Special (unreleased dubplate)
10. Aggrovators - A Friend Indeed
11. Crucial Dub - Prince Jammy
12. Vin Gordon & The Aggrovators - Split Second
13. Wayne Jarrett - Satta Dread (unreleased alternate cut)
14. Scientist - Satta Dread Dub
15. Cornell Campbell - The Gorgon (Steppers Cut)
16. Linval Thompson - Supernatural Love (previously unreleased)
17. Johnny Clarke - It's A Disgrace (unreleased dubplate mix)*
18. Aggrovators - It's A Disgrace Dub (unreleased dubplate mix)*


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Full Up: Bunny 'Striker' Lee's Early Reggae Productions 1968-72

Great collection of late sixties early eighties Bunny 'Striker' Lee productions digging deeper than most, compiled by Diggory Kenrick, who also pens the booklet notes, and Pressure Sounds' own Pete Holdsworth.  A generous twenty-one tracks including such rarities as the peculiarly named Ivan Itler The Conqueror, Dave Barker's Smooths & Sorts - boys and girls in the skinhead jargon of the day - Joe Lewis aka Star Trek, two different tracks entitled Death Rides A Horse and many more.

Track list:

1. Bunny Lee Allstars - Ivan Itler The Conqueror
2. Dave Barker - Smooth & Sorts
3. Rico Rodriguez & Tommy McCook - Going West
4. Bunny Lee Allstars - Joe Lewis
5. Bunny Lee Allstars - Scarface
6. Delroy Wilson - Drink Wine
7. Joe White - Someone To Call My Own
8. U Roy - Wet Vision
9. Bunny Lee Allstars - Daydream
10. Rico Rodriguez - Japanese Invasion
11. Stranger Cole - When I Get My Freedom
12. Roy Richards - Death Rides A Horse
13. Winston Williams & Pat Kelly - Sweet Like Candy
14. Don Lee & Lester Stirling - Peyton Place
15. Bunny Lee Allstars - Full Up
16. Bunny Lee Allstars - Hook Up
17. Jimmy Wonder - Stealing In The Name Of The Lord
18. Delroy Wilson & Lizzie - Double Attack
19. The Hippy Boys - Death Rides A Horse
20. Bobby James & Dave Barker - You Said It
21. Darker Shade Of Black - War

Review From - http://www.dubvendor.co.uk

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Lloyd Charmers & Various Artists - The Best Of Lloyd Charmers 1971 - 1974 - Trojan Rec

 Track List :

Lloyd Charmers - Play Me
Lloyd Charmers - Save Their Soul
The Messengers - Thula Thula
B.B. Seaton - Lovers Quarrel
B.B. Seaton - I'll See You Through
The Messengers - Crowded City
The Messengers - Cherie
The Now Generation - Mother Mary
Lloyd Charmers - Loving Her Was Easier
Lloyd Charmers - I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More
Busty Brown - Just As Long As You Need Me
Bobby Blue - Doggon Right
Busty Brown - There Is Something About You
Lloyd Charmers - Just My Imagination
The Chosen Few - Stoned In Love
Scotty - Salvation Train
Lloyd Charmers - Have I Sinned


Preview Songs

EXCLUSIVE - Ernest Ranglin - A Mod A Mod Ranglin (K & K) 1967 CD


01 La Bostella 
02 Walk Away
03 More & More Amore
04 Blowing The Wind
05 Spanish Eyes
06 Archie
07 What Now My Love?
08 Lemon Tree
09 You Won't See Me
10 Born Free
11 Felicia
12 Somewhere My Love
13. This Is My Song
14. Summer Time Rock Steady
15. Julie
16. Flaming Rock Steady
17. She Wears My Ring
18. Am I That Easy To Forget

Blandas Y Tlayudas Band (ByT Band)

Que gusto escribir de nuevo mis estimados Carnalitos, en esta ocasión les tengo algo que realmente me tiene muy emocionado, y es que el buen amigo JAZZYNG BOO nos comparte, como siempre, un material excepcional para poder deleitar nuestros oídos, y lo mejor de todo esto es que estamos hablando de una banda NACIONAL, si señores, una agrupación originaria de la ya de por si bella Oaxaca. Les estoy hablando nada más y nada menos que de BLANDAS Y TLAYUDAS BAND (ByT Band).

ByT Band se forma en Oaxaca de Juàrez a finales del año 2011, pero fue hasta principios del año 2012 en que finalmente se concretara la alineación de músicos que diera frutos para poder gravar su primer material discográfico, mismo que viera la luz en Octubre del mismo año y que tiene el mérito de haber sido concebido de forma 100% independiente. Llama baste la atención de esta que fuese su primera producción la presentación con lo cual lanzan este primer material, y es que su portada está hecha con Palma tejida, elaborada por las manos artesanas de Santo Domingo barrio Bajo, Etla, Oaxaca, dándole así desde la primera vista esa identidad apegada a las costumbres y formas sociales con las que están cargados todos los temas de esta producción.

ByT Band se definen como un "combo instrumental, que retoma, desde su nombre, la bondad del alimento por excelencia de los mexicanos (Blandas y Tlayudas). Adopta ritmos caribeños y los recrea desde su mundo, desde su cultura, desde su particular y sensible percepción" y así mismo nos dan a conocer que "Su “comentario social” no está en las letras, sino en las distintas formas de vincularse con comunidades, el contacto con espacios públicos hace que su música cambie, se vuelva experimental en el sentido de ser más maleable, menos apegada al código de un género musical.", cuestión que me queda bastante clara al saber que la banda no solo se enfoca en realizar actividades enfocadas al mundo artístico, sino que también  se entremezclan bastante bien con los aspectos sociales (tales como creación de campañas en pro de los animales en situación de calle, recolección, reparación  y donación de bicicletas a niños en zonas marginadas, etc.).

Dentro de su carrera han tenido oportunidad de participar en una serie importante de eventos y logrado compartir escenario con bandas como Mayd Hubb (Francia), Gondwana (Chile) Adhesivo (El Salvador), Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (EUA) y con Los Aguas Aguas (Veracruz. México), entre muchas más.

De su repertorio musical que les puedo decir, he quedado encantado escuchando Rock Steady, Ska Jazz y sonidos llenos de intensidad y creatividad, escuchen los temas y deléitense.

Sus integrantes:

Zaira Ávalos| Batería 
Alejandro Reyes| Bajo 
Konk Balam| Guitarra 
Kunt Vargas| Trombón 
Xaab Nëwex | Trompeta 
Jorge Reyes| Teclado


01 Blandas y tlayudas
02 Así somos acá
03 El oso
04 El pipirisample
05 Mabrouk Wailing
06 Arenita's Dream
07 Le pateadeé enle fundilleé
08 La hojita
09 Ajito
10 Orejotas voladoras

11 Chayotito's Drums

Descarga: (MEGA aquí!)

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"Countless incredible records were made in Kingston between 1968 and 1971 that has never been able to lose the stigma of being described as ‘Skinhead Reggae’ but in Jamaica the term never meant anything. However Bunny Lee’s Aggro Sound’s both at home and away. They were tougher then tough, rougher then rough, kicked like a ‘bovver’ boot and were sharper then a razor cut trim. Raw, pure and undiluted every time...some even troubled the UK national charts.. To say the man and his music dominated at the time would be a complete understatement. ‘Striker’ was everywhere...travelling between Kingston, where he opened his Agro Sounds record shop at 101 Orange Street and London where he set up his Unity label with the Palmer Brothers for the exclusive release of his productions and his Jackpot subsidiaries with both Trojan and Pama records. Ubiquitous does not start to come into it. We sincerely hope that this compilation helps to point you in the direction of some of the best music from this often overlooked period from one of the greatest producers EVER! ‘The Aggro Man’ himself Bunny Lee."

Track List
01. Lester Sterling & Stranger Cole - Bangarang
02. Derrick Morgan - Seven Letters
03. Donnie Elbert - Without You
04. Slim Smith - Everybody Needs Love
05. Delroy Wilson - Cool Operator
06. U Roy & Lennox Brown - King Of The Road
07. Derrick Morgan - Moon Hop
08. Bunny Lee Allstars - Ten Thousand Tons Of Dollar Bills
09. Pat Kelly - If It Dont Work Out
10. Derrick Morgan - Hold You Jack
11. Delroy Wilson - Who Cares
12. Max Romeo - Wet Dream
13. Roy Shirley - Joe Razor
14. Winston Williams - D.J.Choice

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Treasure Isle -Presents - More Hottest Hits - HeartBeat Rec

1  The Jamaicans -Dedicated To You    
2   The Paragons - On The Beach    
3  Gladiators, The Live Wire (Take One)    
4  Conquerors, The Lonely Street    
5  Dave Barker (2) Funky Funky Reggae    
6  Freddie McKay -If I Should Make It    
7  Leroy And Junior Break Up To Make Up    
8  Coolies, The (3) On The Bank    
9  Tyrone Evans -If This World Were Mine    
10 Phyllis Dillon -You're Like Heaven    
11  The Versatiles -I Love You Baby    
12 Soul Lads, The Funny (Take Two)    
13 Duke Reid* And U-Roy In The Studio
14.U-Roy And Melodians, The Rock Away (Version Two)    
15.Winston Wright Tonight    
16.Three Tops*     Do It Right (Early Version)    
17.Three Tops* With Phyllis Dillon Do It Right (Soul Take) 

Winston Wright - The Liquidator Strikes Back


A1 Crazy Fingers
A2 Winston's Last Train    
A3 Return Of The Liquidator    
A4 Lost In Time    
A5 Dillion On My Mind    
A6 Ali Baba Shuffle    
A7 Summertime Rock    
B1 Winston Do It    
B2 Dreamy Girl    
B3 Stars In Your Eyes    
B4 Be Careful    
B5 Rising Tide    
B6 Nightlife Melody    
B7 Bubbling Organ


Byron Lee and The Dragonaires - Uptown Top Ranking

01 Frankenstein
02 Watermelon Man
03 Last Night
04 Jamaica Ska
05 Dumplin’s
06 Bata Cha Cha Cha
07 Dragon’s Paradise
08 From Russia With Love
09 Goldfinger
10 Ol’ Man River
11 Soul Ska
12 Rock Steady
13 Slow Run
14 Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey (Version)
15 Squeeze Up (Part 2)
16 Apache
17 Reggae Makossa
18 We Five
19 Hot Reggay
20 Who-Dun-It


Byron Lee—

IN 1964, at the height of the ska craze, Edward Seaga, Jamaica’s minister of social welfare and economic development, invited Byron Lee and the Dragonaires (BL&D) to his West Kingston constituency to revel in a sound that was rocking Kingston’s clubs.

“Byron, myself and Ken Lazarus went down there and he (Seaga) said ‘listen to this’. We heard these guys making amazing music,” recalled BL&D lead singer Keith Lyn.

That “amazing music” was ska. The West Kingston trip inspired Lazarus and Lyn to write Jamaican Ska, which remains one of the band’s biggest hits.

It is one of 20 songs on Uptown Top Ranking, an album to be released June 9 by VP Records. The set revisits some of BL&D’s ska, rocksteady and reggae recordings.

Because of its longstanding ties to Carnival in the Eastern Caribbean, the band is usually associated with calypso and soca, sounds synonymous with that region.

But on Uptown Top Ranking, Lee and the Dragonaires show their versatility with Dumplings (their first hit song), Jamaican Ska, Soul Ska, Rocksteady, Hot Reggay and Don’t Call me Nigger, Whitey.

As the album’s title suggests, BL&D were an uptown band whose audience was distinctly middle-class. Because of that tag, Lyn believes they never got their due from the masses, especially as a ska act.

“Jamaican Ska was the first original ska hit, but we were never popular with the downtown crowd as they called them, so we never really got that respect,” he said.

To help promote the ska beat and dance, Seaga took BL&D and a teenaged Jimmy Cliff to the World’s Fair in New York City in 1964.


Critics argued that The Skatalites, ska’s greatest exponents, should have made the trip.

Lee formed the Dragonaires at St George’s College in the early 1950s. They made their name as a show band before hitting with the

Seaga-produced Dumplings in 1959.

The band enjoyed a chart revival during the 1980s when Lee launched the successful Jamaica Carnival. Songs like Tiney Winey and Dancehall Soca helped introduce BL&D to a new generation.

Lee died in November 2008 at age 73.

By Howard Campbell—

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Reggae Wonders - Jamaica -U.K-Connection FSF Podcast #53

For the first time in 7 years Free Ska Foundation Podcast Presents a Reggae Series
Reggae Wonders –Jamaican – U.K – Connection
The first volume of many more to come .
Our task is to wheel out many tracks from 1968s to 1970s Jamaican & British Recordings from different labels,many blanks & just classic chunes , we hope you enjoy our fist reggae Episode.





Track List

Blank Dj Instrumental

Bobby James & Dave - Build My World You

Tommy MCcoook - Bubbling Horn

The Show Boys - Long Time

The Charmers - Reggae In Wonderland

The Pioneers - Money Day

The Ethiopians - Don't Let Me Go

Blank Instrumental

Unknown Singer - Pretty Blue Eyes

Al& The Vibrators - Gee Take 2

Delroy Wilson - Gave You My Love

Denzil Dennis - My Way 

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Cápsula Musical Journal Ska #12 - Don Sonorama

Desde Argentina

Don Sonorama
Track List :
01.- Don Sonorama - El Sueño
02.- Don Sonorama - Oscar
03.- Don Sonorama - Noches de Tokyo

Escúchalo Y Descargalo

Sound Clound - Journal SKA

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Clancy Eccles - Freedom The Anthology

Clancy Eccles - Libertad: The Anthologia 1967-1973. Clancy Eccles fue uno de los principales productores de rocksteady, y pronto se convirtió en el reggae. Además de ser un cantante y productor consumado, Eccles tenía convicciones políticas profundas en el poder curativo del socialismo, y practicó lo que predicaba, prestando su voz a la causa, tanto político como interpersonal. Eccles ayudó Lee "Scratch" Perry establer su estudio e hizo todo lo que pudo para ayudar a sus compañeros músicos jamaicanos ganan prominencia durante los años 70. Parece ser que también acuñó el término "Reggae" del término del argot "streggae", que se refería a una señora de fácil reputación. Esta antología es de excelencia recopilando sus mejores temas y colaboraciones de varias agrupaciones en la época dorada de Jamaica.
 Clancy Eccles - Freedom: The Anthology 1967-73. Clancy Eccles was one of the major producers of rocksteady, the Jamaican music style that built on ska and soon developed into reggae. Besides being an accomplished singer and producer, Eccles had deep political beliefs in the healing power of socialism, and he practiced what he preached, lending his voice to the cause, both political and interpersonal. Eccles helped Lee "Scratch" Perry set up his studio and did everything he could to help his fellow Jamaican musicians gain prominence during the 70s. He also apparently coined the term "reggae" from the slang term "streggae," which referred to a lady of easy reputation. This anthology, released by the amazing Trojan label, is uniformly excellent.

Disc 1
  1. What Will Your Mama Say - Clancy Eccles
  2. Stay Loose - Hemsley Morris
  3. Say What You're Saying - Eric Morris
  4. C. N. Express - Clancy, Lee & Sticky
  5. Oh My Lover - Clancy Eccles & Velma Mongal
  6. Two Of A Kind - Clancy Eccles & Claudelle Clarke
  7. I Did It - Winston Wright & The Dynamites
  8. Please Stay - Larry Marshall & Alvin
  9. My Lonely Days - Eric Morris
  10. Easy Snappin' - Theo Beckford
  11. Here Comes The Night - Busty Brown
  12. Feel The Rhythm - Clancy Eccles
  13. Let Us Be Lovers - Clancy Eccles & Velma Mongal
  14. Deacon Don - Clancy Eccles
  15. Don't Brag, Don't Boast (AKA Bagaboo) - Clancy Eccles
  16. Last Call (AKA Tribute To Drumbago) - The Dynamites
  17. Fattie Fattie - Clancy Eccles
  18. Rodney's History - Carl Dawkins
  19. I Don't Care - The Dingle Brothers
  20. John Public (AKA Tom Hark) - The Dynamites
  21. Sho Be Do - Clancy Eccles
  22. Fire Corner - King Stitt
  23. Mount Zion (We Want To Go Back Home) - Clancy Eccles & Noel 'Scully' Simms
  24. The World Needs Love - Clancy Eccles
  25. Vigerton 2 - King Stitt
  26. Mr Midnight (AKA Skokiaan) - Winston Wright & The Dynamites
  27. Africa - Clancy Eccles & Chorus
  28. Foolish Fool - Cynthia Richards
  29. Don't Mind Me - Joe Higgs & Ron Wilson
Disc 2
  1. Dance Beat - King Stitt & Clancy Eccles
  2. The Ugly One (AKA Lee Van Cleef) - King Stitt & The Dynamites
  3. Freedom - Clancy Eccles
  4. Kingston Town - Lord Creator
  5. Holly Holy - The Fabulous Flames
  6. I Fe Layo (AKA The Name Of The Game) - Larry McDonald & Denzil Laing With The Dynamites
  7. Conversation - Cynthia Richards
  8. Herbsman Shuffle (AKA Herbman) - King Stitt & Andy Capp
  9. Phantom - The Dynamites
  10. Love Me Forever - Barry & Affections
  11. Zion - The Westmorlites
  12. Love That Builds - Joe Higgs & Ron Wilson
  13. Credit Squeeze - Clancy Eccles
  14. Live And Love - Barry Wilson
  15. Sweet Jamaica - Clancy Eccles
  16. Unite Tonight - Clancy Eccles
  17. Growing Up - The Fabulous Flames
  18. Hi De Do - The Fabulous Flames
  19. Rod Of Correction - Clancy Eccles
  20. Teardrops Will Fall - The Silvertones
  21. Power For The People - Clancy Eccles
  22. Hallelujah Free At Last - Clancy Eccles
  23. Send Me A Picture - Glen Ricketts
  24. Ganja Free - Clancy Eccles
  25. Stop The Criticism - Clancy Eccles
  26. You Can't Be Serious - Tito Simon
  27. People Can't You See - Third World 

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