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  Celebrando Nuesto Octavo Año Difundiendo Free Ska Foundation les agradece su preferencia

We Are Now  Celebrating 8 Years Expanding Jamaica Music Around the World Thank You for your Preference .. Free Ska Foundation .

Track List

01 Tears From My Eyes (Jackie Opel)
02 A Love To Share (Jackie Opel)
03 Valley Of Green (Take 1) (Jackie Opel)
04 Sometimes I Wonder (Jackie Opel)
05 Pictures Of Smoke (Jackie Opel)
06 Every Word I Say Is True (Jackie Opel)
07 Take Your Time (Jackie Opel)
08 Turn To The Almighty (Takes 1 & 2) (Jackie Opel)
09 Valley Of Green (Take 2) (Jackie Opel)
10 Lonely And Blue Boy (Yours) (Ferdie Nelson)
11 Weeping And Wailing (Ferdie Nelson)
12 War And Strife (Ferdie Nelson)
13 Birds And Bees (Ferdie Nelson)
14 Certainly (Ferdie Nelson)


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