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 Instrumental Sessions Vol.1 was conceived over the years while MR T BONE toured across Europe and the United States. The caliber of bands and musicians he came across was so staggering, MR T BONE knew he had to make this album! Collecting some instrumental tracks of tunes that he loved, he composed new melodies for these songs and called up his favorite horn players to re-record the songs. The final result is 12 infectious tracks inspired by pure love of Jamaican music! The whole album was mixed by Victor Rice, and futures guest appearances by members of The Slackers (NYC) The Bullets (Los Angeles) The Caroloregians/Moon Invaders (Belgium), The Ratazanas (Portugal), The Soul Captives (San Francisco), The Forthrights (NYC), and The Heatmakers (France) - what an album! Guests: Larry McDonald - percussions (RS7 & Dub Is A Weapon) David Hillyard - tenor/Baritone sax (Slackers & RS7) Kincaid Smith - trumpet (Hepcat) King Django - chatting Roger Rivas - organ (Aggrolites) Buford O'Sullivan - trombone (Easy Star Allstars) Tommy Tornado - tenor sax (Rude Rich) Rich Graiko - trumpet (Westbound Train & Void Union) Paolo Parpaglione - tenor/alto Sax (Mr.T-bone Allstars & Bluebeaters) Cecio Grano - tenor sax/flute (Young Lions)

Cover art based on the SOUL BROTHERS Hot Shot classic LP!

Track List : A1 - Original track "Believe Me" by The Soul Captive
A2 - Original track "Kahuna" by The Ratazanas
A3 - Original track "911" by The Ratazanas
A4 - Original track "Upsetting Harry" by The Caroloregians
A5 - Original track "It's So Coal" by Caroloregians
A6 - Original track "Jackpot" by The Moon Invaders
B1 - Original track "King Is Back" by The Heatmackers
B2 - Original track "Gunshot" by The Bullets
B3 - Original track "Cookin' For Tommy" by The Slackers
B4 - Original track "Other People" by The Forthrights
B5 - Original track "Switch Off" by Mr. T-Bone Allstars
B6 - Original track "Larry's Bounce" by Mr. T-Bone Allstars


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