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 This is the third release of the resuscitated Studio One compilation series from Soul Jazz records after a three year break from 2008 to 2011. This is certainly the weakest of the three recent Studio One compilations from Soul Jazz but the first two were absolutely superb and this set whilst somewhat patchier still has a good number of very worthwhile gems. First the "bad"; the two dubs on the set ['Jamrec Dub' & 'Reggae Version'] are mediocre and with the peerless stock of Studio One rhythms at their disposal I am sure better choices could have been made. Also some of the tracks are pretty familiar to most reggae collectors including "Can I Change You Mind" by Alton Ellis, "Bongo Red" by The Gladiators, "Come Now Sister" by Freddie McGregor --- admittedly classic songs however for those who haven't heard them before! Finally the Dennis Alcapone track is horrible; always my least favourite DJ and he mucks up (again!) a classic rhythm; this time Burning Spear's peerless "He Prayed".

The good which is pretty much remaining 12 tracks including a couple of storming ska tracks from the top drawer; Don Drummond & Jackie Mittoo via his '66 band The Soul Brothers, two excellent DJ toasts by Lone Ranger (riding the 'Full Up' rhythm) & Prince Jazzbo (both somewhat atoning for the rank Alcapone track), some mighty rocksteady courtesy of the Paragons (which was definitely NOT recorded in 1975 as the liner notes indicate!) and Marcia Griffiths. There is also some superior roots from the obscure Fabian Cooke with a terse rhythm that sounds like it originates from the late '70's and not 1970 as the liners state, the similarly obscure Stingers, and Freddie McGregor's frankly awesome "I Man A Rasta" (in slightly hissy sound though sadly).

So in conclusion an entertaining set but not quite from the top drawer unlike the previous two Soul Jazz Studio One compilations which certainly were. Surely it is time now for a 'Studio One Rocksteady' themed compilation rounding up some of the best of the late '66 to late '68 era which surely was the most productive era for Studio One (despite what this compilation's strangely defensive liner notes state).


 Track List :
01. Mother and Child – Fabian Cooke
02. Mark My Word – Marcia Griffiths
03. I Man a Rasta – Freddie McGregor
04. Natty Ting a Ling – Prince Jazzbo
05. Danger in Your Eyes – The Paragons
06. Reggae Version – Drum Bago & the Rebel Group
07. Nanny’s Corner – Don Drummond
08. Rasta Don’t Stop No One – The Stingers
09. Three Mile Skank – Lone Ranger
10. Another Night – The Soul Sister
11. Come Now Sister – Freddie McGregor
12. Joe Frazier – Dennis Alcapone
13. Soho – Soul Brothers
14. Can I Change My Mind – Alton Ellis
15. Jealousy, Heartache and Pain – Johnny Osbourne
16. Bongo Red – The Gladiators
17. Jamrec Dub – Pablove Black
18. I’m Still Waiting – Cornel Campbell

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