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Deeper Roots, Pt. 2 followed the incredible first volume of the same name released in 2012 on the Pressure Sounds label. Much like its predecessor, Deeper Roots, Pt. 2 collects largely obscure or never-before-heard tracks from '70s roots reggae toaster and lyricist supreme Vivian Jackson, better known to the world as Yabby You. Culled from ages-old master tapes as well as one-of-a-kind dubplate acetate recordings, the compilation features Yabby You in his most roughly hewn state, toasting and boasting over rough and tumble tracks like "Sipping I and I Chalice" and "Chant Down Babylon Kingdom," along with a host of instrumental dub versions.

    1 Walls of Jerusalem – Vivian Jackson & The Prophets (Previously unreleased Dub plate mix)
    2 Thirty Pieces of Silver - Yabby You & The Prophets (Previously unreleased Dub plate mix)
    3 Sipping I & I Chalice – Vivian Jackson & the Prophets
    4 I & I Chalice version – The Prophets
    5 Man of the Living - Wayne Wade and the Prophets (Previously unreleased dub plate mix)
    6 Psalm 16 – Prophets Allstars (Previously un-released mix)
    7 Chant Down Babylon Kingdom- Yabby You & The Prophets 
        (Previously unreleased Dub plate     mix)
    8 Chant Down Babylon Version – Prophets Allstars ( Previously unreleased Mix)
    9 Stop Your Quarreling – Yabby You & the Prophets(Previously unreleased Dub plate mix)
    10 Stop Your Quarreling version – The Prophets Allstars (Previously unreleased Dub plate mix)
    11 Outside The City Walls (Obey Your Parents) – Prophets Allstars ( Previously unreleased Mix)
    12 Jah Vengence – Vivian Jackson & The Sons of Jah (Previously unreleased Dub plate mix)
    13 I Can’t Hide – Tony Tuff & The Prophets (Previously unreleased Dub plate mix)
    14 I Can’t Hide version – The Prophet Allstars (Previously unreleased Dub plate mix)
    15 Time Changing – Samuel Patterson (Previously unreleased Dub plate mix)
    16 Mash Down (Mash Down Rome Instrumental)– Prophets Allstars (Previously unreleased mix)

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