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 Hold Me Tight 1965 - '73

La gran evidencia en la influencia de Taitt sobre la  industria musical en Jamaica a mediados de los 60s y a principios de los 70s
Hagamos Rocksteady ' set, que es un escaparate virtual de la mejor de su trabajo de la sesión, con la casi totalidad de las grabaciones con su guitarra inconfundible jugando. Esta compilación ofrece un acompañamiento perfecto para que la liberación, con el disco uno se centra lo mejor de su obra instrumental y el disco dos destacando algunos de los mejores de su trabajo con varios cantantes principales de la Isla.

Evidence of Taitt's influence on Jamaica's recording industry throughout the sixties is reflected in the music on the previously issued 'Let's Do Rocksteady' set, which is a virtual showcase of the best of his session work, with almost all of the recordings featuring his unmistakable guitar playing. This compilation provides a perfect accompaniment to that release, with disc one focusing on the best of his instrumental work and disc two highlighting some of the best of his work with many of Kingston's leading vocal acts - not to mention Johnny Nash! Trojan. 2005.

01 Storm Warning
02 Smoky Places
03 Stream of Life
04 I Don't Want to See You Cry
05 Nice Time
06 You Have Caught Me
07 Napoleon Solo
08 Pressure & Slide
09 Long Story
10 Soloman
11 Soul Shot
12 The Last Waltz
13 Why Did You Leave Me (To Cry)
14 Mr Dooby
15 Unity
16 Only a Smile
17 The Brush
18 I Am the Upsetter Version
19 Dreamland
20 El Casino Royale
21 Soul Food
22 Why Am I Treated So Badly
23 Batman
24 Top Cat
25 Intensified '68
26 Rainbow Valley
27 Adam Twelve
28 Rudies All Around - Joe White
29 Cool Collie - Hopeton Lewis
30 Get On The Bali. - Roy Shirley
31 Listen To The Music - Lloyd & The Groovers
32 Talking Love - John Holt & The Paragons
33 Cool It - Dermot Lynch
34 Leaving On That Train - Keith & Ten
35 I'm Going Home - Errol Dunkley
36 Cool Night - The Jamaicans
37 Seeing Is Knowing - Stranger & Gladdy
38 Right On Time The West Indians
39 She Said She Loves Me - The Sealmakers
40 Crime Don't Pay - The Kingstomans
41 Family War - Nehemiah Reid
42 Girl You Ruf - The Overtakers
43 Fat Girl In Red - The Mellotones
44 I Want To Love You - Delroy Wilson
45 Joy In The Morning - The Gaylads 18. Send Requests - The Viceroys
46 Stop The Wedding - Paulette & The Consomates
47 Live Like A King - Hopeton Lewis & Glen Brown
48 Swing And Dine - The Melodians
49 You Hurt My Soul - Joe Higgs
50 Bring It On Home - The Kilowatts
51 Hold Me Tight - Johnny Nash
52 I Like Your World - The Gaylets
53 Can't You See - Ken Boothe
54 Send Request - The Viceroys

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