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Track List
1. Bridge Over Troubled Water
2. Shake A Hand
3. Just My Imagination
4. Jamboree
5. I’m Hanging Up My Heart For You
6. A Little Love
7. Make The Night A Little Longer
8. Walk With Love
9. It’s Now Or Never
10. They Don’t Know
11. Love Is A Hurting Thing
12. Come See About Me
13. Since I’ve Been Away
14. I’ll Never Find Another You
15. ‘Till I Kissed You
16. Cathy’s Clown
17. Tender Love 
 By Jo-Ann Greene
Former Inspiration Trevor Shaw struck off on his own in 1971, linking up with producer Clive Chin and unleashing a steady stream of solo singles under the alias Jimmy London. "Bridge Over Troubled Water" was one of his first, a splendidly reggae-fied cover of the Simon & Garfunkel classic. The tempo may be perky, the riffing bright and brash, but the backing is given serious gravitas by the elegant trombone solos that swell majestically across the grooves. London approaches the song with the same intensity, delivering up the lyrics with poise and utter sincerity, his sweet tones promising deliverance with almost religious fervor, creating an aura that hovers close to that of a cathedral. Not your typical early reggae cover by any stretch of the imagination, and thus it's no wonder the single proved popular in the U.K., and was included within the Trojan label's Tighten Up series.

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