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A1 –Roald Alphonso & His Alley Cats*     - Jerk Pork    
A2   –Neville Esson     Lover's Jive    
A3  –Monty & The Cyclones*     Lazy Lou    
A4  –Owen Gray     Get Drunk    
A5 –Monty & The Cyclones*     Dog It    
A6  –Clancy Eccles     More Proof    
A7 –Jazz Jamaica From The Workshop     Exodus    
A8 –Clue J And His Blues Busters*     Swanee River Rock    
B1 –Delroy Wilson     Spit In The Sky    
B2 –Roland Alphonso     Federal Special    
B3 –Owen Gray     Grandma Grandpa    
B4 –Don Drummond     Cuban Blockade    
B5–Theophilus Beckford With Clue J & His City Slickers*     Little Lady    
B6–Jazz Jamaica From The Workshop     Away From You    
C1 –Clancy Eccles With Hersan & His City Slickers*     I Live & I Love    
C2     –Roland Alphonso & His Alley Cats     Hully Gully Rock    
C3 –Delroy Wilson     Lion Of Judah    
C4 –Tommy McCook     Two For One    
C5 –The Maytals     Sweet Sweet Jenny    
C6 –Down Beat All Stars     Grand National    
C7 –Owen Gray With Hersan & His City Slickers*     Sinners Weep & Mourn    
D1 –Tommy McCook     Peanut Vendor    
D2 –The Maytals     Shining Light    
D3 –Lascelles Perkins With Clue J & His Blues Blasters*     Lonely Moments    
D4 –The Maytals     Six & Seven Books Of Moses    
D5 –Jazz Jamaica From The Workshop     It Happens    
D6 –Bunny & Skully     Don't Do It    
E1 –Don Drummond     Scrap Iron    
E2–Lascelles Perkins & Clue J & His Blues Busters*     Creation    
E3–The Skatalites     Don't Slam The Door    
E4 –The Rhythm Aces (3)     Joybells Of Independance    
E5 –Roland Alphonso     Jack Ruby    
E6 –The Maytals     Hallelujah    
E7 –The Wailers     Habits    
F1 –Tommy McCook     Wheel & Turn    
F2–Busty & Cool     Kingston To Mo'bay    
F3 –Jazz Jamaica From The Workshop     Mr Propman    
F4 –Higgs & Wilson     Mighty Man    
F5–Tommy McCook And Roland Alphonso     Trotting In    
F6 –Bunnie & Skitter With Count Ossie & His Wareikas*     Cool Breeze    
F7–The Mellow Larks     Light Of My Life 

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