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  Superb collection of Derrick Harriott / Crystal productions from the late sixties, most, if not all previously reissued on 7" vinyl by Japan's Dub Store.  Harriott, dapper in his "Beatle" suit on the cover, began as a singer with the Jiving Juniors in the early sixties and expanded into production in the latter half of the decade scoring local hits with such stone classics as Stop That Train and Tonight with Keith & Tex, killer instrumentals such as Step Softly by Bobby Ellis and Illya Kuryakin by Ike Bennett as well as his own hits such as The Loser and Do I Worry, all here, alongside collector's pieces like Junior Soul's (Murvin) Glendevon Special,  and Keith& Tex's proto roots Run To The Rocks.  Harriott's productions were always clean, musical and among the best of their time.

Track Listing:

Side One:
1. Step Softly - Bobby Ellis & The Desmond Miles Seven
2. Reach Out I'll Be There - Derrick Harriott
3. Glendevon Special - Junior Soul
4. Now We Know - Bobby Ellis & The Desmond Miles Seven

Side Two:
5. Do I Worry - Derrik Harriott
6. Tonight - Keith & Tex
7. Feeling Peckish - Bobby Ellis & The Jets
8. Heartbreak Girl - Noel brown
9. All Night - David Anthony

Side Three:
10. Hypnotizing Eyes - Keith & Tex
11. Shuntin - Bobby Ellis & The Crystalites
12. The Loser - Derrik Harriott
13. Magic Touch - Junior Soul
14. The Emperor - Bobby Ellis & The Jets

Side Four:
15. The Hustler - Junior Soul
16. Illya Kuryankin - Ike Bennet & The Crystalites
17. Man's Temptation - Noel Brown
18. Run To The Rocks - Keith & Tex
19. It's All Right - Derrick Harriott

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