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The Maytones formed in the late 1960s, and comprised Vernon Buckley and Gladstone Grant, both of whom lived in May Pen in Clarendon, which inspired the group's name. After recording two rocksteadytracks for Studio One which were not released, they recorded much of their early material for Alvin Ranglin, having local hits with "Loving Reggae" and "Funny Man", and released a version of Greyhound's "Black and White" (written by Earl Robinson and David I. Arkin) in 1970.They had further Jamaican hits with love songs such as "Preaching Love", "If Loving You Was Wrong", and "Brown Girl", before adopting a roots reggae style for tracks such as "Judas", "Babylon a Fall", and "Run Babylon".They had a major success with "Madness", recorded again for Ranglin, which was followed by an album of the same name. The success of The Mighty Diamonds prompted the group and producers Ranglin and Clement Bushay to promote the duo as The Mighty Maytones.
 The Boat To Zion album followed in 1978, although did not meet with the success they had hoped for, and were overlooked by the British record labels that were signing up much of Jamaica's talent at the time, with their non-Rasta image identified as a factor.They contributed the track "Money Worries" to the Rockers soundtrack in 1979.

Track List : 

1-Billy Goat
2-Loving Reggae
3-Copper Girl
4-Funny Man
6-Bowe Who
8-This Kind Of Love
9-Gold On Your Dress
10-Sentimental Reason
11-Serious Love
12-Come With Me
13-Bongo Man Rise
14-Groove Me
15-Black And White
16-Let The Version Play
17-As Long As You Love Me
18-Hands And Feet
19-If Loving You Is Wrong
20-Born To Be Loved
21-Donkey Face
22-Wha Nu Dead
23-Land Of Music
24-Brown Girl
25-All Over The World People Are Changing
26-Sensuous Woman
27-Sha La La

28-Boat To Zion


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