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The world's finest reggae reissue label strikes again, bringing to the market yet another buried treasure of dub from that genre's heyday in the mid-'70s. As always, the packaging is a labor of love that features rare photos of the artists and liner notes that are detailed and thorough. And as always, the sound is spectacular; Blood and Fire has gained international recognition for its ability to take deteriorated master tapes and dusty vinyl singles and LPs and render them almost pristine without imposing any of the sonic astringency so often associated with digital remastering. This time out the featured album is a rare gem from the Yabby You catalog originally released under the title Yabby You Meets Michael Prophet. Here its original program is expanded by eight tracks, most of them B-side dub versions of singles produced under Yabby You's direction. The dub mixes were overseen by the legendary King Tubby, and as usual, the combination of Yabby You's dark, dread musical vision and Tubby's otherworldly approach to remixing results in many moments of absolute brilliance; in this case, those include a deeply twisted dub of the Yabby Youcomposition "Blood a Go Run Down King Street" ("Heads a Roll Dub") and "Achieving in Dub," on which Tony Tuff chats over a cut of his own vocal performance on "I Must Achieve What Is Mine." But really, there are no weak spots to speak of anywhere on this album. This is a unique and beautiful document of two of roots reggae's greatest talents working together at the height of their powers.


Revolution Conference
Zambia Dub Feat Jah Walton
Steppin' High Feat Tommy Mccook
Vengeance In Dub
Mount Zion Version
Heads A Roll Dub
Achieving Dub
No Tarry Yah Version
Dub It To The Top
Rock With Me Dub
Turn Me Loose Dub
Conscious Man Dub
Mash Down Rome Dub
Warn Them Jah Dub
Humanity Dub
Praise You Jah Jah Dub
Tribal War Dub


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