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 This is an excellent retrospective of Keith Hudson's production work between the late sixties and middle seventies. Featuring more than 50 prime reggae cuts along with first-class packaging and sleeve notes, this has to be considered the definitive Hudson collection - although to be honest, there's not much competition out there. Setting out with Ken Boothe's great OLD FASHION WAY from 1969, THE HUDSON AFFAIR takes in early reggae classics from singers like Delroy Wilson, Alton Ellis, Horace Andy, and a virtual who's-who of foundation DJs, including Dennis Alcapone, Big Youth, U Roy and I Roy. There are also numerous instrumental and dub versions (check the brilliant MELODY MAKER), and plenty examples of Hudson's own "unique" microphone technique (a somber, not-always-in-tune blues wail from the lower registers), all of which make a convincing case as to why the producer was nicknamed the Dark Prince of Reggae. For the most part, this isn't the kind of breezy, rum and coke reggae promoted by the Jamaican tourist board. Instead, Hudson often prefers deep, voodoo-blues basslines accentuated by wheezing, spluttering organ parts and menacing guitar licks. There's no escaping the ominous overtones of THEME FROM SATAN SIDE, DARKEST NIGHT ON A WET LOOKING ROAD, or CLASS & SUBJECT, but there's also a lighter spiritual side to Hudon's work, as evidenced by Delroy Wilson's classic A PLACE IN AFRICA, and Hudson's own HEALING OF THE LAND and TORCH OF FREEDOM among others. There's an astonishing catalogue of music recorded here; a fantastic anthology that's long overdue. Really, you should buy this right away.


Ken Boothe - Old Fashion Way
U Roy - Dynamic Fashion Way
Dennis Alcapone - Spanish Omega
Keith Hudson - Old Broom
Keith Hudson - (You Must Be) Popular
Keith Hudson - Don't Start It Up
Keith Hudson - Don't Get Me Confused
Dennis Alcapone - Shades Of Hudson
Delroy Wilson - I'm Gonna Get You
Delroy Wilson - Run Run
Alton Ellis - Big Bad Boy
Dennis Alcapone - Jungle Of Crime
Keith Hudson & Phillip Samuel - We Will Make
Big Youth - S. 90 Skank
Augustus Pablo - Fat Baby
Zap Pow - Broken Contract
Alton Ellis - You Are Mine
Dizzy & The Soul Syndicate - Riot
The Soul Syndicate - War Dance (aka Bongo Riot)
U Roy - The Hudson Affair
U Roy Junior - Tribal War
Keith Hudson & The Chuckles - Satan Side (aka Theme from Satan Side)
Delroy Wilson - A Place In Africa
Keith Hudson - Boost It Up (aka Rudy Hot Stuff)
I Roy - Hot Stuff
Keith Hudson - Darkest Night On A Wet Looking Road
The Chuckles - Darkest Night Version

Keith Hudson - Melody Maker
The Chuckles - Melody Maker Version 2 (harmonica & bongo dub)
Big Youth & Keith Hudson - Can You Keep A Secret
Horace Andy & Earl Flute - Don't Think About me (I'm Alright)
King Tubby & The Mafia All Stars - Don't Think About Dub
Keith Hudson - Jean You Change Everything
Earl Flute & Keith Hudson - The Betrayer
Earl Flute & Horace Andy - Peter & Judas
Keith Hudson - True True To My Heart
I Roy - Silver Platter
Keith Hudson - Fight On Fight On
Augustus Pablo - Satan Side Version (aka Kiss14)
Keith Hudson - Class & Subject
The Chuckles - Class & Subject Version
I Roy - Jah Lion Jungle
Keith Hudson - Barbican
Keith Hudson - Smoke Without Fire
Johnny Clarke - Golden Smoke
Myrna Townsend All Stars - Golden Skank
Little Clive - African Bread
Eric Clarke - Need Someone To Help Me
Myrna Townsend All Stars - Cynthia
The Soul Syndicate - Love I
Keith Hudson - Healing Up The Land
Keith Hudson - Torch Of Freedom
Keith Hudson - Lost All Sense Of Direction
Lloyd Lindburg - Jonah Come Out Now
Keith Hudson - Jonah Version

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  1. Ok I got it - changed .jar to .rar and it opened . Thanks again.


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